Engineer Tony’s Visit to VTOPS Milk Powder Can Packaging Line: Enhancing Efficiency and Planning for the Future

On November 22, 2017, Engineer Tony from an Australian milk powder production company visited VTOPS factory in Zhengzhou, China. His purpose was to gain a comprehensive understanding of our company’s milk powder packaging line and develop a strategic procurement plan for this stage.

Our engineers have drawn technical drawings for Tony:
Milk Powder Packing Line Design for Australia (Technical Drawings)


Exploring the Milk Powder Packaging Process:

During his visit, Engineer Tony meticulously examined the machinery and equipment involved in VTOPS’ milk powder packaging process. This included a fill-by-weight auger filler machine, a tin can seaming machine, and cleaning and some disinfection equipments. He aimed to evaluate the efficiency, reliability, and capacity of the milk powder filling canning production line. At the same time, he was identifying areas that could benefit from improvement or optimization.

Planning the Workshop Layout:

Tony also participated in discussions regarding the workshop layout. He analyzed the workflow and suggested potential adjustments to optimize the arrangement of equipment, streamline production processes, and improve overall efficiency.

Formulating the Procurement Plan:

The formulation of the procurement plan involved several vital steps. Engineer Tony focused on determining any necessary equipment upgrades or replacements and evaluating potential suppliers. However, he also needs to consider factors such as cost, quality, and delivery schedules. Engineer Tony should be creating a comprehensive procurement plan.

Installation and Commissioning:

The agreement included a plan for installation and commissioning. It was determined that the delivery would be carried out in multiple batches to accommodate delivery dates. Both parties agreed that when the first batch of machines arrived, VTOPS engineers would be present to assist Tony’s team with installation, commissioning, and training on the use of the machines.


Engineer Tony’s visit to VTOPS’ milk powder can packaging line was a significant step in enhancing efficiency and planning for the future. By evaluating the existing processes, formulating a strategic procurement plan, and considering the workshop layout, VTOPS is well-positioned to optimize its production line and meet the demands of the market. The collaboration between Engineer Tony and VTOPS will ensure a successful implementation of the procurement plan, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.