Vtops Successfully Delivered a Powder Filling Canning Line in Vietnam

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Milk powder filling canning line is very popular worldwide. Many manufacturers and food processing companies use it to produce milk powder. These production lines have a high-degree of automation and precise control systems, making milk powder production more efficient and reliable. Whether producing infant formula, adult milk powder, organic milk powder, or other special formulas, milk powder production lines can adapt to different manufacturing needs.

At the same time, these production lines comply with strict food safety and hygiene standards. The aim is to ensure the quality and safety of the final product. As the milk powder market becomes globalized and grows, milk powder production lines will continue to play a key role in meeting the growing demand for high-quality milk powder from global consumers.

Main Components of Milk Powder Filling Canning Line

1. Empty Cans Cleaning Machine

The empty cans cleaning machine on the milk powder production line is a piece of hygienic equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the can before filling. This machine uses advanced airflow technology to remove impurities from the cans, ensuring that each can is free of dust. This cleaning method is very efficient and avoids the use of chemical cleaners. It can ensure that the hygiene standards of milk powder packaging are met, providing consumers with safer and higher-quality products.

2. Cans Feeding Machine

The cans feeder is a part of milk powder production lines. Its function is to feed empty packaging containers to the downstream filling and packaging processes in a regular manner. It helps improve the efficiency of the production line and ensures the consistency of the milk powder packaging process. Automated operations can meet production needs, reduce operating errors, and ensure the quality of milk powder products.

3. Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine

Empty cans sterilizing machines are used to sterilize and disinfect empty food containers. In the milk powder production line, its main function is to ensure that the inside of the container is sterile. A sterile environment can prevent bacterial and microbial contamination and ensure the hygiene and safety of milk powder products. Necessary food safety measures can help extend the shelf life of milk powder and maintain product quality, ensuring that consumers receive high-quality milk powder products.

4. Spoons Feeding Machine

The spoon feeding machine is automated and aims to deliver milk powder scoops into milk powder cans accurately. Its automated features increase the efficiency of the production line and reduce the potential risk of human error. It ensures that the production process of milk powder products is efficient, accurate, and hygienic to meet market demand.

5. Screw Conveyor Feeder

The screw conveyor feeder rotates in a screw manner to transfer milk powder to the hopper of the powder filling machine. Screw feeders are known for their efficiency and precision. It can adapt to different production needs, control flow rate, and powder quantity, and ensure consistency and quality standards. This equipment improves production efficiency and reduces material waste and human errors, making milk powder production more reliable and efficient.

6. Automatic Auger Dosing Filling Machine

The automatic auger dosing filling machine is responsible for accurately filling a predetermined amount of milk powder into the cans. This kind of machine can ensure that the quantity of milk powder in each package is consistent, effectively improving the efficiency of the production line. The fully automatic filling method can avoid human operating errors and meet product specifications. This machine can ensure the standardization and quality of milk powder production and meet the needs of consumers.

7. Checkweigher Machine

A checkweigher is an important device to ensure product quality consistency. It can automatically detect whether the milk powder in each container meets the specified weight standards through precise weight measurement. When a substandard product is detected, it quickly triggers a rejection mechanism to remove the problematic product from the production line. This critical automation equipment improves production efficiency and reduces the occurrence of manual inspection errors and substandard products entering the market.

8. Automatic Vacuum Infill Nitrogen Seaming Machine

Automatic vacuum infill nitrogen seaming machines play a key role in the milk powder production line. It reduces the presence of oxygen by drawing air out of food packaging containers. Then, it is filled with nitrogen instead, which effectively reduces the contact between milk powder and oxygen and reduces the occurrence of oxidation reactions. Nitrogen helps maintain the freshness and quality of milk powder, extending its shelf life. In addition to this, it reduces the growth of microorganisms and improves food hygiene and safety.
Milk Powder Filling Canning Line in Vietnam

VTOPS Successfully Delivered a Milk Powder Filling Canning Line in Vietnam

Aug. 31, 2019. Zhengzhou VTOPS Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully delivered a fully automatic milk powder filling canning line in Vietnam. It is a marking that Zhengzhou VTOPS Machinery Co., Ltd. has taken a solid first step in the Vietnam packaging market. The company’s milk powder filling and canning production line has an advanced design that provides highly precise performance in filling and sealing and has the flexibility to accommodate different types and sizes of milk powder cans. This advanced design improves production efficiency and ensures product hygiene and quality. The production line also uses the latest automation technology to make operations easier. It can reduce manual intervention while following strict food safety standards to ensure the safety and traceability of the final product.

VTOPS adopts a unique advanced design on the sealing machine of the milk powder filling and canning production line, which uses a vacuum tank and then fills it with nitrogen to ensure the freshness of the milk powder.

“According to the customer’s requirements: the filling weight is 1 kg of formula milk powder; the speed is 14 cans per minute”. Lizhi Sun, the Senior Technical Project Manager, proudly introduced, “In the actual delivery and operation, the filling speed is 13 to 15 cans per minute, and the filling accuracy within 2 grams, and 100% qualified.”

Meanwhile, Amy Zhang, the main person in charge of this order from Zhengzhou VTOPS Machinery Co., Ltd., is also at the commissioning site. She introduced: “Before getting in touch with us, the customer had already contacted many companies in Guangzhou, Shanghai. Finally, VTOPS won the recognition of customers with its professional solutions, competitive prices, and high-quality guarantees and got the order.”

“This is not our first project of a milk powder filling canning line; we also have the same projects in China, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Sweden. Besides, the turnkey project with the Syrian milk powder filling canning line is about to meet the engineers of both sides. By then, they will discuss more details and delivery-related matters. We sincerely wish and have the confidence to cooperate with this customer soon.”

According to China’s customs declaration form, the milk powder filling canning line is specialized for milk powder filling and seaming. The line includes the production process of can cleaning, can sterilizing, filling milk powder, seaming, and so on. Finally, according to the customer’s requirements, the milk powder filling canning line can combine with carton machines to achieve more automated production processes.

Milk Powder Filling Canning Line in Vietnam


Zhengzhou VTOPS Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the top 3 suppliers in China for filling and packing machines, with a professional R&D and technical team. VTOPS Machinery is committed to providing customers with the best filling and packing machines and services worldwide. The milk powder filling canning line is one of the production lines that the company has extensive experience in. The production lines not only excel in precise milk powder filling and canning, but also focus on compliance with hygiene and food safety standards. VTOPS’ team has many professional technicians with many years of industry experience and can customize production lines according to customer need to meet different types and scales of milk powder production.
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