Mr Rogalev Iurii visit Vtops Machinery for A Weighing Filling Canning Line

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Mr Rogalev Iurii visit Vtops Machinery for Pet Food Weighing Filling Canning Line

On March 31, 2019, Mr. Rogalev Iurii (Рогалев Юрий), an Engineer of a Russian pet food company, came to visit Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd with his translator Mr. Kulabukhov Mikhail (Кулабухов Михаил). As one of the top three packaging machinery manufacturers in China, VTOPS is pleased to accept this inspection. During this inspection, Mr. Rogalev Iurii and Mr. Kulabukhov Mikhail had the opportunity to experience the advanced technology and automation equipment of VTOPS personally. They met with VTOPS International Trade Director Mr. Taka Chang. Accompanied by Mr. Taka Chang, they visited the VTOPS factory to check whether the pet food weighing and filling canning line meets production requirements.


To ensure the effectiveness of the test, Mr. Rogalev Iurii and Mr. Kulabukhov Mikhail first went to the supermarket near the factory to purchase pet food that met production needs. Afterwards, we arrived at the VTOPS factory for test runs. During the inspection process, Mr. Rogalev Iurii also took many photos. He said that the entire production process was very smooth and wanted to send videos and pictures to his leaders in Russia. After the test machine, Mr. Rogalev Iurii, Mr. Kulabukhov Mikhail and Mr. Taka Chang took photos in the factory, and then had a pleasant dinner. This inspection was accompanied by Mr. Taka Chang throughout the entire inspection.
Buy pet food samples for testing at the supermarket
Engineer of Mr Rogalev Iurii (Рогалев Юрий) shoot photos
Inject the raw materials required for the test
In front of weighing filling machines
In front of weighing filling machines
Banquet guests

Customer Information

Mr. Rogalev Iurii is a manager at a Russian pet food manufacturer. His company is facing the challenge of rapid production scale expansion. To meet the growing market demand and improve production efficiency, they urgently need to purchase new production lines to process pet food. As the pet food market grows, consumers’ requirements for pet food quality and diversity also increase. Mr. Rogalev Iurii understands that these growing demands can only be met by investing in advanced production equipment and technology. The new production line will help the company increase production capacity, improve the efficiency of the production process, and ensure product consistency and high quality.

Pet food Weighing Filling Canning Line

Working Principle

The pet food weighing and filling canning line is an efficient automated production system whose working principle covers multiple vital steps:
1. The unscrambler delivers the metal cans under the multi-head scale in preparation for receiving pet food.
2. The feeder feeds the multi-head scale, and the ten-head scale accurately measures and fills the food so that the weight of the food in the can is consistent. After that, the conveying mechanism carries out the transmission, and then a 12-nozzle liquid filling machine for filling.
3. The can sealer seals the cans to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the product.
The entire production process is highly automated, with the help of advanced control systems and sensor technology. This device is widely used in the pet food industry, providing manufacturers with a reliable and consistent way to package pet food while reducing production costs.

Machines Included In the Production Line

Machines Included In the Production Line
The pet food weighing, filling and canning production line includes various types of machines, mainly including the following:
1. Cans Rotary Unscrambler;
2. Multi-Head Weigher;
3. Platform;
4. Control System for Multi-Head Weigher;
5. Z style feeding machine;
6. Liquid Filling Machine with 12 Nozzles;
7. High-Speed Cans Seaming Machine;
Pet Food Weighing Filling Canning Line

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