Milk Powder Filling Canning Seaming Production Line for Tin Cans

Milk Powder Filling Canning Seaming Production Line for Tin Cans

A Video of Automatic Milk Powder Filling Canning Seaming Production Line for Metal Tin Cans

  • Ⅰ. Automatic Milk Powder Filling Canning Seaming Production Line ( Automatic Powder Filling Line for Metal Tin Cans ) including:
    1 → Cans Feeding Machine | Vtops Rotary Unscrambler | VTOPS-F960 .
    2 → Empty Cans Cleaning Machine | VTOPS-CM-EC .
    3 → Spoons Feeding Machine | VTOPS-F-SP .
    4 → Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine | VTOPS-SM-EC .
    5 → Automatic Auger Dosing Filling Machine .
    6 → Screw Conveyor Feeder | VTOPS-F114R
    7 → Checkweigher Machine | VTOPS-CW .
    8 → Automatic Vacuum Infill Nitrogen Seaming Machine | VTOPS-S-VN
    9 → Spurt the Code Machine.
    10 → Cans Turning Device | VTOPS-TC .
    11 → Finished Cans Cleaning Machine | VTOPS-CM-FC .
    12 → Cans Plastic Lid Applicator Slitting Capping Machine | VTOPS-C-PL .
    13 → Loading Platform.
  • Ⅱ. The automatic milk powder canning line composed of stainless steel 304. All machine construction are in accordance with food hygiene standards chosen design.
  • Ⅲ. The entire production line equipment in accordance with GMP standards for the design specifications. It is truly fully automated running. Ensure that the entire production process, staff will not touch the products. The production process is completely clean, more reliable product quality.
  • Ⅳ. This system filling filled error can be within ±1-2g.
    According to the different requirements, the residual oxygen rate less than 3-5% after evacuating nitrogen. So that your products a longer shelf life safer.
  • Ⅴ. The can vacuum pressure and the nitrogen can be set by customer. To meet customers demand for a variety of occasions.

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