New Breakthrough of Vibratory Weigh Filler Packing Speed of Vtops Machinery

VTOPS delivered one set of Vibratory Weigh Filler Machine and one set of Auger Filler Machine to United States on June 23. It is worth noting that there has been a new breakthrough of vibratory weigh filler packing speed.


Mr. BR is a director working in a famous food ingredients company in America. With the increasing market demand for food ingredients and the continuous enrichment of product types, a filling machine is urgently needed by Mr. RB’s company to assist the work. He sent an inquiry of how to packing spices on June 7.

Material Categories

Ms. Lisa, the sales responsible in VTOPS, she divided all materials Mr.BR had into two categories.

Class A: Powdered material
Non Free flow: Ciriander Powder, Cumin Powder, ginger powder etc
Free Flow: Red chili Powder, black pepper powder, granulated garlic powder etc
An Auger Filler Solution for Free Flowing Materials,
Suitable machine in semi automatic type: semi auto powder filling machine | VTOPS-P2, it application for bags, cans, bottles…Filling weight from 5g to 5000g.

Class B: Granular material
Granules: Mustard Seed, Fenugreek Seed, fennel Seed, coriander seed, Cumin seed etc
Lentils and Pulses: chickpeas, kidney beans, Red lentils etc.
Suitable machine in semi automatic type: semi auto vibratory weighing filler | VTOPS-2DC-2K & VTOPS-4DC-2K, it application for bags, cans, bottles…Filling weight from 30g to 2000g.

Vibratory Weigh Filler Packing Speed

Due to Mr. BR has a requirement on speed, Ms. Lisa introduced that VTOPS has a new breakthrough of 4 weighing hopper vibratory filler in speed, the filling speed increased from 50fills/min to 60fills/min. This major breakthrough was completed by the VTOPS Production Department in January this year.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lisa introduced that according to production needs, there are two options fast speed and low speed which can choice.

Reassuring inspection

After checking the technical parameter, Mr. B was very interested in 4weighing hopper VTOPS-4DC-2K. And he placed the order soon.

On June 20, VTOPS accept inspections from third parties entrusted by Mr.BR. Soon, MR. BR check it and agree to deliver.

VTOPS has continuously conducted market research over the years, and has made reasonable adjustments and improvements based on market feedback. For example, in order to increase the speed of the vibratory filling machine, there are initially two weighing hoppers increased to four weighing hoppers. For the filling weight, there are two kinds of 30g-2000g and 500g-6000g, to meet the filling needs of different customers.
Besides, based on customer feedback, they have greater demand for the hopper volume. Thus, VTOPS adjusted the height and width to expand capacity. In this way, the operator can reduce the feeding frequency, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
They prefer larger hoppers, so VTOPS specially produced a bigger hopper and heightened. The larger one they can stock more material one time, so they designed that.
If you have any requirement for the packing equipment, please don’t hesitant to contact VTOPS. They will offer you the best solutions.

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