The Development of Ketchup Filling Equipment Tends to Intelligent

This article will explore the development trend of ketchup filling equipment. It includes rotary feeder, ketchup filling machine, capping Machine and so on. Welcome to exchange!

1, Advantages of Tomato

Tomato ketchup is a sweet and tangy sauce made from tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar, with seasonings and spices. But major is tomatoes. Tomatoes taste sweet and sour, and the fruit contains a lot of vitamins, which is very popular with consumers.
In addition, various beverages, sauces, cans and other products processed from tomatoes are also very popular. Especially ketchup are an important way to preserve tomatoes for a long time.

2, Why do Ketchup

The quality and yield of tomatoes is getting higher and higher with the development of cultivation techniques such as: hydroponic and greenhouse cultivation. In 2016, world production of tomatoes was 177 million tonnes, with China accounting for 32% of the total [1]. However, the problem is that the storage time of fresh tomatoes is not long. Coupled with the large yield of tomatoes in China, the market risks borne by growers are also large. The development of the tomato deep-processing industry (such as ketchup) has increased the market risk-taking capacity of the growers and promoted the diversification of the industry.

Some insiders said that ketchup are one of the bulk commodities in the world vegetable trade. The ketchup have a large consumer market worldwide. In recent years, there are more and more China consumers of ketchup for cooking. It is showing that the consumption of ketchup in China is increasing. At the same time, the ketchup filling equipment will also benefit from the market.

3, Increase Capacity of Ketchup Filling

So, from what aspects should an enterprise improve its production capacity?

First of all, it is necessary to improve the level of automation of equipment to improve production efficiency. Reduce the participation of laborers to avoid pollution caused by laborers.
Secondly, increase the level of production intelligence filling. And manage the filling production line through big data, artificial intelligence and other information technologies. Thereby improving the quality and safety supervision level of the enterprise. And reducing the unstable factors that occur in the production process.

To realize the improvement of production automation and intelligent level, the innovation and upgrade of related production equipment is indispensable. For example, the filling machine has a faster and accurate filling.

4, Tends

In recent years, the residents’ food consumption concepts and methods are quietly changing. Whether in the home cooking or catering industry, the demand for ketchup is increasing. In order to improve the quality of ketchup, many production enterprises have realized fully automated processing. At the same time, the ketchup processing and filling equipment is also advancing intelligently to meet the rapidly growing production scale of the production enterprise and improve the enterprise’s ability.

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