Since China introduced the “Comprehensive Second Child” policy in October 2015. The demand for China’s milk powder industry has continued to pick up, especially in the infant milk powder industry. The data shows that the annual compound growth rate of China’s infant formula milk powder market reached 16%. However, the competition in the milk powder market is becoming increasingly fierce and the market tends to be saturated. Major milk powder companies have upgraded their products and upgraded the filling method of milk powder to gain more market competitiveness. Of course, the quality of deep-rooted milk powder is still more important.

So, how do milk powder companies deeply cultivate quality? Start with raw milk, processing, testing, packaging, and traceability systems.

Raw Milk:

In order to ensure the safe supply of raw milk, many large milk powder enterprises have begun to build their own farms. And increase their own milk source base construction. Among them, the implementation of the forage support capacity improvement project, and the purchase of various forage production machinery, basically achieve entire process of mechanized operations, such as: sowing, harvesting, crushing, silking, bundling, packaging. But also to some extent to avoid contamination of forage materials.
In addition, the implementation of standardized scale breeding upgrading projects. Digital management from feeding, milking, transportation, manure treatment and other key links to ensure the safety of raw milk supply.


The fresh milk from a company transport to the processing factory at 4°C in a cold chain after extrusion. From milking to processing for less than 2 hours. The bioactive substances in the dairy can be retained to the utmost. At the same time, the introduction of advanced technology, as well as net milk machine, homogenizer, spray dryer, cooling machine, aseptic filling machine and other mechanical equipment. The entire process of intelligent production, strong protection of milk powder is not Secondary pollution ensures the quality and safety of infant formula.


It is usually necessary to go through dozens of inspection procedures before each can of milk powder leaves the factory to ensure quality and safety. Dairy company need purchases more than 200 production equipment and inspection equipment. Including pesticide residue analyzer, nutrient component detector, milk analyzer, dairy analyzer and other instruments. At the same time, new plasticizers, antibiotics and other risk indicators and nutrient element testing projects will add to improve the quality and safety of infant formula and achieve controllable quality.


In milk powder packaging is usually filling packing into plastic bags and metal cans. Among them, canned milk powder has always been the packaging method of high-end milk powder. Whether in bags or cans, dairy companies usually infill nitrogen to the milk powder to extend the shelf life and freshness of the milk powder.


In order to further ensure the quality of the products, many milk powder processing enterprises upgraded the milk source safety risk prevention level milk powder quality and safety traceability platform. Opened up all the links of product ingredients, processing, consumers, etc. And realized the visualization of the whole industry chain and the transparency of information. Consumers only need to know the date of manufacture, quality inspection report and other information through the QR code. So that consumers can buy it with confidence.

In short, because infant formula is related to the healthy growth of the next generation. The quality of milk powder is particularly important. At the same time, with the emergence of consumption upgrades. Consumers have put forward higher requirements for milk powder quality and word of mouth. It is believed that milk powder processing companies can produce high-quality infant formula from raw milk, processing, testing, packaging, and traceability systems.

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