Warm Welcome to Mr. Heng Juien from Malaysia Visit VTOPS

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Warm Welcome to Mr. Heng Juien from Malaysia for an In-depth Visit to VTOPS Company, Highly Impressed by Packaging Machinery from VTOPS


On November 22, 2023, VTOPS, a leading Chinese packaging machinery manufacturer, had the honor of hosting a visit from Mr. Heng Juien, a young entrepreneur from Malaysia, and his wife. It was their first visit to Zhengzhou for business activities. This rare and comprehensive tour not only provided Mr. Heng Juien with a better understanding of VTOPS’ advanced packaging technology but also allowed the esteemed guests to experience the rich culture of the Central Plains.

Background Information

Since entering the packaging industry in 2001, VTOPS has been renowned for providing high-quality, innovative packaging machine solutions. The company’s commitment is evident in offering a complimentary 2-year warranty period, showcasing a sense of responsibility among industry leaders. Headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, with a modern industrial facility covering 40,000 square meters in Wuzhi County, VTOPS stands as one of the top three of China’s powder filling machine manufacturers. The company is dedicated to offering excellent packaging technology and services to global clients.
Mr. Heng Juien, a dynamic Malaysian entrepreneur, manages two companies—Food GM Factory, which focuses on the food sector, and Traditional Medicine GMP Factory, which is dedicated to traditional pharmaceuticals. His enterprises provide packaging and contract manufacturing services that meet industry standards, ensuring customers receive high-quality products.

Business Exchange

As the International Trade Department Director, Ms. Lisa Yue expressed her gratitude to Mr. Heng Juien and his wife for visit VTOPS. She professionally introduced the VTOPS’ core products and emphasized the products of particular interest to distinguished guests.

Powder Filling Machine

Ms. Lisa proudly presented VTOPS’ numerous patented technologies in dry powder auger filling machines. She highlighted the differences between the two filling methods of powder filling machines: fill-by-volume and fill-by-weight. Fill-by-volume involves quantitative offline-scale filling, while fill-by-weight achieves weighing while filling through an inline-scale system, reaching a maximum preset weight. She explained how fill-by-weight technology ensures filling accuracy and efficiency while meeting diverse packaging needs.


This method involves quantitative offline-scale bulk powder filling.
The machine fills the product based on a predetermined volume (We can understand it as the number of auger rotations). Since the number of auger turns for each filling is the same, ensuring a consistent amount of powder is dispensed each time.
It suits bulk powder applications with uniform density and low filling volume.


This method integrates an inline-scale system to achieve bulk powder weighing while filling.
The machine continuously monitors the product’s dispensed weight and stops once the preset weight is reached.
Fill-by-weight technology is particularly advantageous when the powder is costly, weith critical, or the powder density is uneven (the powder contains small particles and small fragments) providing enhanced higher accuracy.
Ms. Lisa emphasized that VTOPS’ dry powder auger filling machines, especially the fill-by-weight technology, incorporate numerous patented technologies, suggesting that the powder filling machines have unique features and innovations, setting VTOPS to become one of the top 3 powder filling machine manufacturers from China.

Vacuum Nitrogen Seaming vs. Regular Seaming

Lisa’s explanation highlights the distinctions between a vacuum nitrogen seaming machine and a regular seaming machine, particularly in terms of their impact on food preservation:

Vacuum Nitrogen Seaming Machine:
  • Vacuum Extraction: This type of machine extracts air from the container, creating a vacuum inside.
  • Nitrogen Injection: In addition to removing air, inert gases like nitrogen are injected into the can or packaging.
  • Benefits of Nitrogen: The introduction of nitrogen helps slow down oxidation reactions, reduce bacterial growth, and prevent microbial proliferation.
  • Freshness Preservation: The combined vacuum and nitrogen filling will help prolong the food’s freshness.
  • Extended Shelf Life: By minimizing the factors that lead to food deterioration, such as oxidation and microbial activity, the vacuum nitrogen sealing process can significantly extend the shelf life of the packaged food.
Regular Seaming Machine:
  • Air Prevention: A regular seaming machine focuses on preventing air from entering the can or packaging through the use of sealed packaging material.
  • Limitations: While it provides a primary sealing effect, it lacks the additional advantages of vacuum extraction and nitrogen filling.
  • Weaker Preservation: The absence of vacuum and nitrogen filling means that the regular seaming machine might offer relatively weaker preservation of food freshness compared to the vacuum nitrogen seaming method.

In summary, the key difference lies in the additional steps the vacuum nitrogen seaming machine takes to create a vacuum, remove air, and introduce nitrogen. These measures are designed to slow down the oxygen level and, thus, slow down the process of spoilage and deterioration to enhance food preservation times. The regular seaming machine, while effective in preventing air ingress, doesn’t incorporate these extra measures and, therefore, may not provide the same level of freshness preservation and extended shelf life as the vacuum nitrogen seaming process.

Varieties of Labeling Machines

Heng Juien from Malaysia Visit VTOPS
Heng Juien from Malaysia Visit VTOPS

Mr. Heng Juien extensively explored the variety of labeling machines in the labeler showroom, explicitly focusing interest on differentiating the double-sided label machine from the round bottle label machine. Ms. Lisa Yue detailed their respective applications in product packaging and offered insights into selecting the most suitable labeling machine based on varying product shapes and sizes.
Moreover, Mr. Heng Juien put forward his idea. He expressed the need to consolidate various labeling functionalities into a single machine, which would be better, encompassing double-sided labeling, round bottle labeling, and side labeling. Through complete discussion with our engineering team, we successfully delivered an affirmative solution that addressed these diverse requirements. His high satisfaction with VTOPS R & D’s ability to seamlessly integrate these features underscores VTOPS’ unwavering commitment to customer-centric solutions.

Tracking-Type Juice Filling Machine

Ms. Lisa introduced, “The ‘filling while moving’ juice filling machine represents an innovative advanced liquid filling technology in filling equipment. It seamlessly accomplishes the juice-filling process while in motion, setting it apart from conventional stationary counterparts.
This unique ‘filling while moving’ design confers a significant competitive edge to the juice filling machine, particularly in terms of speed, precision, and adaptability. Each filling head is meticulously controlled by one servo motor, providing heightened levels of accuracy and efficiency. Its ability to operate on the go enhances production efficiency, making it exceptionally well-suited for large-scale and intricate production setups where uninterrupted, high-speed filling is paramount.”

Mr. Heng Juien’s Interest and Feedback

Mr. Heng Juien’s passion for these technologies unknown to the layman, particularly the proprietary patented advancements, was unmistakable. Throughout Lisa Yue’s presentation, he maintained a focused and attentive demeanor and actively engaged in detailed conversations, delving into the intricate workings of packaging machines. Mr. Heng Juien expressed his thoughts, “The remarkable technological capabilities demonstrated by VTOPS in the packaging machinery industry have genuinely struck a chord with me, leaving an indelible impression. We hold a profound confidence in the potential for meaningful collaborations in the future.”
His articulate acknowledgment of VTOPS’ technological prowess underscores a shared vision for future cooperation. It signifies the promising prospects in the collaborative efforts between Mr. Heng Juien’s enterprises and VTOPS. This positive feedback affirms VTOPS’ position as an industry leader and establishes a solid foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Cultural Exchange Journey

In addition, as a special arrangement for Mr. Heng Juien and his wife visit VTOPS, Lisa Yue, representing VTOPS, invited them on a profound cultural journey.
Firstly, they had the opportunity to visit the Shaolin Temple, a symbol of Buddhist culture and the birthplace of Chinese martial arts with a history spanning a thousand years. At the Shaolin Temple, Mr. Heng Juien and his wife experienced the essence of martial arts passed down over the centuries, gaining insight into the unique cultural heritage of Shaolin. Following this, they watched a special martial arts performance to promote the millennium-old martial arts culture, showcasing Shaolin martial arts’s exceptional skills and techniques. It was a breathtaking cultural feast, allowing them to appreciate the profoundness of traditional Chinese martial arts deeply.
Next, the cultural journey led them to stroll through the Qingming Shanghe Garden in the ancient city of Kaifeng, a garden adorned with ancient architecture, displaying a magnificent scroll of China’s millennia-old history. Here, Mr. Heng Juien and his wife could admire the elegance of ancient literati and feel the profound cultural heritage of traditional China.
Moreover, this cultural journey extended beyond sightseeing, as VTOPS arranged unique dining experiences. Mr. Heng Juien and his wife had the privilege of tasting the vegetarian cuisine of the Shaolin Temple, known for its light and elegant temple flavor rich in cultural connotations. In addition, they also tasted Henan cuisine, a traditional Chinese cooking style known for its rich flavors and unique culinary culture.
This cultural journey would not only leave a lasting impression on Mr. Heng Juien and his wife but also provide an intimate encounter with traditional Chinese culture, adding more beautiful memories to their trip to China.


This comprehensive visit not only provided Mr. Heng Juien from Malaysia with a nuanced understanding of VTOPS’ state-of-the-art technology but also set the stage for a more expansive and profound groundwork for future collaborations. The engagement has ignited a shared enthusiasm, fostering heightened expectations for the prospective cooperation in the packaging machinery manufacturing sector. This collaborative endeavor not only promises to strengthen the ties between us but also infuses a fresh vigor into the amicable partnership, paving the way for innovative strides in the realm of packaging technology and industry collaboration.

Company Overview

VTOPS is a leading Chinese packaging machinery manufacturer, offering a diverse range of solutions, including powder filling machines, multi-functional labeling machines, and fully automatic vertical bag packaging machines.

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