Foreign Clients Visit

Soy Sauce Maestro LEONG YOK HARE Personally Visit VTOPS

Malaysia’s Soy Sauce Maestro LEONG YOK HARE Personally Visits VTOPS Factory, Strengthening Our Prospects for Long-Term Collaboration We are delighted to announce that renowned Malaysian soy sauce producer, Mr. LEONG YOK HARE, made a personal visit to VTOPS factory on July 13, 2023. Mr. Leong’s company boasts a rich 80-year history, founded by his forefathers […]

Mr Rogalev Iurii visit Vtops Machinery for Pet Food Weighing Filling Canning Line On March 31, 2019, Mr Rogalev Iurii (Рогалев Юрий), Engineer of a Russian pet food company, came to visit Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd with his translator Mr Kulabukhov Mikhail (Кулабухов Михаил). They met with Mr Taka Chang, International Trade Director of […]

Engineer Tony’s Visit to VTOPS Milk Powder Can Packaging Line: Enhancing Efficiency and Planning for the Future On November 22, 2017, Engineer Tony from an Australian milk powder production company visited VTOPS factory in Zhengzhou, China. His purpose was to gain a comprehensive understanding of our company’s milk powder packaging line and develop a strategic […]