Soy Sauce Maestro Leong Yok Hare Personally Visit VTOPS

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Malaysia’s Soy Sauce Maestro LEONG YOK HARE Personally Visits VTOPS Factory, Strengthening Our Prospects for Long-Term Collaboration

We are delighted to announce that renowned Malaysian soy sauce producer, Mr. LEONG YOK HARE, made a personal visit to VTOPS factory on July 13, 2023. Mr. Leong’s company boasts a rich 80-year history, founded by his forefathers and continuing its legacy as a key player in the Malaysian soy sauce market under his leadership.

Soy Sauce Maestro LEONG YOK HARE Personally Visit VTOPS
Soy Sauce Maestro LEONG YOK HARE Personally Visit VTOPS

Not only is Mr. Leong a significant player in the industry, but he has also played a significant role in shaping its standards. According to public records from the Malaysian Standard, Mr. Leong was instrumental in drafting the “SPECIFICATION FOR CARAMEL IN THE MANUFACTURE OF SOYA SAUCE (FIRST REVISION)“.

Mr. Leong has been a significant partner to our company. In the past, he has successfully procured several types of equipment from Vtops Machinery, including soy sauce filling machines, capping machines, and sealing detection devices. Additionally, we have assisted him in sourcing other auxiliary equipment. This visit aimed to deepen his understanding of our factory facilities, strengthen our mutual ties, and lay a solid foundation for future long-term collaboration.

Throughout Mr. Leong’s visit, our company Ms. Lisa escorted him around our modern 40,000 square meter factory. She detailed our entire process from design, production, testing, to final customer delivery. Mr. Leong had the opportunity to see first-hand how our team ensures the highest quality standards in every aspect of our work.

At the conclusion of the visit, Mr. Leong commended our factory facilities and professionalism, stating, “Working with such a packaging manufacturer gives me great peace of mind.” His praise not only affirms his satisfaction with our equipment but also recognizes the professional competence of our team.

This visit marks an essential step towards building a long-term cooperative relationship with Mr. Leong. We are thrilled and look forward to enhancing our collaboration with Mr. Leong and his company in the future, fostering mutual growth.

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