How to Maintain Screw Conveyor Feeder?

As we know, screw conveyor feeder is a general-purpose conveying equipment for conveying powdery, granular and small-sized materials.
Screw Conveyor Feeders

Most of screw conveyor feeder are working in dust. Therefore, the reasonable and safe operation and maintenance of the screw conveyor under such working conditions has for greater significance. But do you know that how to safely operate and maintain screw conveyor feeder?

Safely Operation

The safely operation of screw conveyor feeder are as follows:

  • 1. The screw conveyor should start without load. This means that it is start when there are no materials in the hopper of screw conveyor feeder.
  • 2. Check the direction of rotation of the screw in the conveyor tube.
    A reverse phenomenon maybe occurs if your power is three-phase power, but it is a normal phenomenon. Adjust the red knob to the opposite direction.
  • 3. Do not mix hard bulk materials into the materials being conveyed. Because that may be caused screw jam and cause damage to the screw conveyor.
  • 3. The black knob is the vibration knob.
    Rotating the vibration knob activating the vibration function. Therefore the powder on the hopper wall will slide under the function of vibration.
  • 4. Unload the powder in the conveyor tube.
    There has a valve under the conveyor tube. Open the valve and adjusts the working state to the reverse direction to unload the powder from conveyor tube. Avoid cross contamination.


The operation and maintenance screw conveyor feeder are as follows:

  • 1. Firstly in operation, the working state of each part of the screw conveyor is often check. If find any part loose, tighten it immediately.
  • 2. Secondly special attention should be paid to whether the screws between the solenoid and the coupling shaft are loose. If find the phenomenon, stop and tighten immediately.
  • 3. When the screw conveyor is disassembled or installed, the power should be disconnected to avoid accidents.
  • 4. When an abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation of the screw conveyor. It should check or consult by a professional technician to eliminate the fault and can not force to operate.
  • 5. The motor of the screw conveyor should lubricate always.

Hope above mentioned are helpful, certainly if you have any further information, please contact us!

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