How to Maintain Screw Conveyor Feeder?

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A screw conveyor feeder is a common conveying equipment to convey powdery or granular materials from one place to another. The working principle of it is the rotation of the screw pushing the material forward, similar to a spiral mixer.

Screw conveyor feeders are suitable for various materials, including powders, granules, and granular materials, such as grains, fertilizers, cement, coal, etc. VTOPS can provide manufacturers with customized screw conveyor feeders to ensure efficient conveying and appropriate capacity. Screw feeders can achieve continuous conveying of materials and so many projects need to use them.
Screw Conveyor Feeders

Application Scope of Screw Conveyor Feeder

Screw feeders are equipment widely used in industry and manufacturing. They are used to handle and convey various types of materials. Their scope of application includes but is not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Grain and Agricultural Products: Agriculture and grain processing industries usually need screw conveyor feeders to transport agricultural products such as grains, cereals, grains, feeds, seeds, etc.
  2. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Feed screw conveyors can transport chemical raw materials, powders, granules, pharmaceutical ingredients, and materials that require precise metering in chemical processes.
  3. Construction and Material: In the construction and material handling industries, people usually use screw conveyor feeders to transport sand, cement, concrete, stone, gypsum, and other construction materials.
  4. Food and Beverage Processing: In the food and beverage industry, it is convenient for manufacturers to transport food ingredients, powders, granules, sugar, flour, biscuits, and other food products.
  5. Environmental Protection and Waste Disposal: Screw conveyor feeders can handle waste and waste materials such as sludge, garbage, discarded materials, etc. for processing and recycling effectively.
  6. Oil and Gas Industry: In oil and gas exploration and production, screw conveyor feeders transport oilfield chemicals, powders, granules, and other raw materials.
  7. Medical Device Manufacturing: In medical device manufacturing, medical personnel use screw conveyor feeders to deliver medical raw materials, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing materials.

The working environment of most screw conveyor feeders is dusty. Therefore, it is of greater significance for operators to perform reasonable and safe operation and regular maintenance of screw conveyors. But do you know how to safely operate and maintain a screw conveyor feeder? Here are some suggestions for you to follow.

The Safe Operation Of Screw Conveyors Is As Follows:

  1. The screw conveyor should start without load. This means the operator needs to start the machine when there is no material in the screw conveyor feeder hopper.
  2. Check the direction of the screw’s rotation in the delivery pipe. The opposite may occur if your power supply is three-phase, but this is normal. Just turn the red knob in the opposite direction.
  3. Do not mix hard bulk materials into the conveying material. This may cause the screw to become clogged or even cause damage to the screw conveyor.
  4. The black knob is the vibration knob. The operator needs to turn the vibration knob to activate the vibration function. Therefore, it is normal for the powder on the hopper wall to slide under the action of vibration.
  5. When conveying other materials, please first unload the remaining powder in the conveying pipe. There is a valve underneath the delivery pipe. Open the valve, adjust the working state to the opposite direction, and discharge the powder from the delivery pipe. This operation can effectively avoid cross-contamination.

Maintenance Guidelines For Screw Conveyor Feeders Are As Follows:

  1. Periodically inspect the screw conveyor’s screw shaft, bearings, transmission, seals, and support structure for any damage, wear, or looseness. Check whether the electrical system connections are normal.
  2. Pay attention to whether the screws between the electromagnet and the coupling are loose. If this phenomenon is found, stop the machine immediately and tighten it.
  3. Disabling or installing the screw conveyor, disconnect the power supply immediately to avoid accidents.
  4. Clean the inside and outside of the screw conveyor regularly. Remove accumulated material, dust, and dirt. Ensure the surfaces of the screw shaft and screw blades are smooth to reduce material adhesion.
  5. If the screw conveyor uses a belt drive, regularly check the tension and wear of the belt and replace it if necessary.
  6. When abnormal phenomena occur during the operation of the screw conveyor, professional technicians should check or consult to troubleshoot the problem, and no forced operation is allowed.
  7. Lubricate bearings, gears, and other moving parts regularly according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Use the appropriate type and amount of lubricant.

Screw feeders reliably and continuously transport various types of materials, including powders, granules, and granular materials. It enables efficient material transportation and supply, reduces manual handling and waste, reduces operating costs, and helps ensure a clean and safe working environment. Many advantages make it the first choice for enterprises. Using screw conveyor feeders, enterprises can greatly improve production efficiency and enhance their advantages. I hope the above has been helpful, and of course, if you would like any further information, please get in touch!

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