Vacuum conveyor feeder delivers granules and powder materials with the help of vacuum suction.

Concept of Vacuum Conveyor:

The concept of vacuum is increasingly being used in a variety of industries.

For example, with the help of vacuum suction, the Vacuum Conveyor Feeder used to transfer particles and powdered materials. The gas flow in the conveyor pipeline, then formed the difference between the vacuum and the air pressure in the environmental space.
In recent years, we continuously improved the technology of screw conveyor feeder. It widely used in various industries, such as the transmission of drug particles, non-polluting health powder. Vacuum can avoid oxidative pollution and accurately transmit.

The vacuum conveyor feeder uses the principle of negative pressure conveying. It uses full-closed conveying system to complete the transportation of bulk materials (powder, granules).
Schematic Diagram of Vacuum Conveyor FeederImage Description: Schematic Diagram of Vacuum Conveyor Feeder.

The vacuum feeding machine can completely prevent environmental pollution caused by material leakage. Air dust floating causes the physical injury and material contamination. It is the development direction of powder material transportation in recent years.
Currently, more and more pharmaceutical industry and food filling & packing industry use the way of vacuum conveyor feeder feeding.

Vacuum Conveyor in Food Filling Packing Industry:

In the food filling packing industry, the problem of powder material transportation has become a serious problem in improving production processes and improving product quality. It not only increases the labor intensity of the worker, makes the process cumbersome. More importantly, it also greatly increases the possibility of cross-contamination of materials.
At the same time, in the process of transport, it may cause a large amount of dust, pollute the environment, and affect the health of the operator.

Application of Vacuum:

The vacuum conveyor feeder creates a vacuum flow by a vacuum pump, and the material sucks into another silo. The characteristics of powder materials are vary widely. The feeder does not destroy the structural form of powder production.
It is especially suitable for crystal materials and fragile materials. The production process can greatly improve the quality and production efficiency of powder products. It can also improve production environment and reduce production costs.

Pneumatic Vacuum conveyor feeder mainly uses for the transportation and feeding of powdery, granular and other solid materials in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It can used with the main processing equipment such as mixer, granulator, tablet press, coating machine, filling machine, packaging machine, etc.
With the continuous development and application of vacuum conveyor feeder, China has obtained the optimize production process in this field. It effectively reduces cross-contamination and dust, and greatly improves the quality of food production.


The use of vacuum air pressure has the advantages of dust pollution, breaking narrow space restrictions, obstacles of long and short distance restrictions, etc.

  • 1. Make sure transporting the powder or granules without pollution. Vacuum conveying is the closed transportation of pipelines. It can prevent dust pollution and improve the working environment, then reduce environmental and personnel pollution of materials and improve cleanliness.
  • 2. Break the narrow space restrictions. The transmission method occupies a small space, and completes the powder transportation in a narrow space, so that the work space is beautiful and generous.
  • 3. Especially not limited length and distance.
  • 4. The vacuum feeding machine can reduce the labor intensity and improve the working efficiency, and is the first choice for most powder material conveying.

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