A Manual Powder Filling Machine Exported to Hungary (Images)

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A Manual Powder Filling Machine Exported to Budapest of Hungary (Images)

Manual powder filling machine also named semi-automatic auger filler. It suited for the filling any powders, such as tiny powder, ultra-fine powder and micro small granules.

This post describes the VTOPS export of a semi-automatic auger filler to Hungary.

Before Packaging:

A photo of manual powder filling machine before pack in plywood box is following:
Manual Powder Filling Machine with LCD Touch Screen Image Description: A Manual / Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine with LCD Touch Screen.
Machine Items:

  • Voltage: AC Three-phase 380V 50Hz;
  • Filling Range: 10-50g, 100-300g, 300-500g (A total of 3 sets of Auger and Tube);
  • Contact Materials: 304 Stainless Steel;
  • HMI: LCD Touch Screen (Brand of DELTA);
  • Control System: PLC (Brand of DELTA);

Under Packaging:

A photo of manual powder filling machine packing in plywood box is following:
Manual Powder Filling Machine Exported to Budapest of Hungary Image Description: The Manual Powder Filling Machine packaging in plywood box.

Article Source: https://www.powder-fillers.com/manual-powder-filling-machine-exported-budapest-hungary-images

What is A Manual Powder Filling Machine

Manual powder filling is through the manual operation of workers and is filling dry powders by the powder filling machine. Workers have more manual operations in the whole powder filling process, so it calls a manual powder filling machine. Usually, we also call it a semi-automatic powder filling machine.

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd is an original manufacturer of powder filling machines. We have made some improvements to the manual powder filling machine based on the user’s cost budget and the quality of the machine. In addition, we have developed a fill-by-weight manual powder filling machine to meet customers’ high-precision dry powder filling needs.

All semi-automatic powder filling machines are controlled by PLC, and parameters are easily set on the LCD touch screen control panel, which is more convenient for users. Both PLC and LCD touch screens are brand of DELTA, and it is available to get the local service of your country.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the manual powder filling machine is easier to set or change the filling weight within a specific range without changing another machine.

Suppose you are preparing to buy a manual powder filling machine but with some doubts and don’t know how to choose the right one. Click here to visit a guide to help you. Of course, you can also contact us for free one-on-one help.

Application Scope

According to VTOPS summary, the application scope of manual powder filling machine are the following:

  • Drinking Powder

    Such as: multigrain powder, flour, tea powder, soy milk powder, condiments, coffee powder, enzyme preparation, walnut powder, sesame powder, peanut powder, soybean powder, kudzu powder, ginger powder, almond powder, buckwheat powder, glucose powder, broken wall Spore powder, colostrum powder, baby rice powder, food additives, nutritional supplements, and other types of powder filling.

  • Medicine Powder

    Such as: western medicine powder, Chinese medicine powder, veterinary medicine powder, etc.

  • Seasoning Powder

    Such as: pepper powder, chili powder, mustard powder, spice powder, flavor powder, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate powder, sugar powder, and other mixed seasoning powder filling.

  • Other Powders

    Such as: daily necessities powder, disinfection powder, washing powder, skincare powder, facial mask powder, chemical powder, and other types of powder filling.

Our Advantage:

After buying our manual powder filling machine, you will get quality-assured machines and after-sales service. And choosing us also has the following advantages.

  1. The manual powder packaging machine is whole stainless steel, meeting the GMP/food sanitation certification requirements. A large-capacity hopper reduces the number of refills.
  2. All of our semi-automatic powder filling machines can be equipped with a stainless steel leak-proof device, which is non-drip and durable.
  3. Humanized control panel, simple operation, parameters can be stored for later use, and several filling parameters can be stored.
  4. Our semi-automatic powder filling machine has high positioning accuracy, ample torque, long life, and filling speed can be set.
  5. The filling parameters are adjustable infinitely, and the operation is convenient.
  6. The machine adopts a maintenance-free gear motor for mixing, which has the advantages of low noise, long life, and maintenance-free for a lifetime.
  7. The unloading method is spiral discharging. You can replace other diameters augers to adapt ultra-fine powder or large particle powder.

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In addition, please do not hesitate to contact VTOPS if you have any questions when you pick a semi-automatic auger filler. VTOPS know that your products and business are valuable and when you choose one of our auger filler you are making a choice of guaranteed excellence.

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