“Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine” Seminar Completed

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The “Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine” Group Standard Seminar Successfully Completed

On 14th June 2022, the standardization work conference of “Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine” successfully held. This conference has set up conference venues in Beijing and Shanghai respectively. The meeting discussed the group technical specifications of “Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine”. The conference was chaired by Ding Shaohui, Deputy Secretary-General of China Food and Packaging Machinery Association and Secretary-General of the Standardization Technical Committee. Meanwhile, more than 30 industry representatives attended.

Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine Seminar
Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine Seminar

The main experts and leaders attending the meeting were,

  • Chu Yufeng, President of China Food Packaging Machinery Industry Association and Director of Standardization Technical Committee.
  • Cui Lin, Secretary General of China Food Packaging Machinery Industry Association.
  • Wang Guokou, Deputy Secretary General of Standardization Technical Committee.
  • Xu Bing, Executive Chairman of Intelligent Packaging Committee.
  • Sun Zhihui, Director of Higher Education Development Research Center of Harbin University of Commerce.
  • Ju Ronghua, Director of Nanjing Food Packaging Machine Research Institute.
  • Peng Yankun, Professor of Engineering College of China Agricultural University.
  • Liu Jiabin, Professor of Materials of Zhejiang University.

The meeting discussed in detail the current development trend and status quo of China’s food packaging industry. Chairman Chu Yufeng pointed out that China’s sealing machine manufacturer has developed rapidly for many years. Although the number is huge, the enterprises are clearly differentiated. The strong get stronger, and the weak get weaker. And most of them are still small and medium-sized enterprises. The sealing machine produced has problems such as low product quality, uneven accuracy, stability, and reliability. At the same time, Chairman Chu Yufeng said that industry enterprises can actively promote industrial transformation and upgrading, increase investment in scientific research and exchanges, and develop markets through this standard seminar on the “Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine”. Continue to maintain the rapid and stable development of the industry’s economic operation.

Then, Ding Shaohui, Secretary General of the Standardization Technical Committee, elaborated on the purpose, meaning, basis, scope, and main technical content of the standard formulation of “Multifunction and Intelligent Sealing Machine“. It also elaborated on the standard formulation process, the draft for comments and the work plan. In addition, experts and business representatives who attended the meeting expressed their opinions and conducted in-depth discussions on the draft of the standard. They put forward their own views and suggestions for improvement on some of these issues during the meeting. After the meeting, according to the opinions and suggestions of experts and leaders at the meeting, the standard drafting team will revise and improve the standard consultation draft as soon as possible. In order to improve the scientific and effectiveness of the standard and ensure the standard report is draft as soon as possible.

The seminar was a complete success, and the participating experts communicated with representatives of the domestic packaging machinery industry. They enhanced mutual understanding and exchanged information. At the same time, constructive views were put forward. Finally, VTOPS will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the industry and track the policy requirements and the latest technological progress of the packaging industry of China.

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