10kg Dry Powder Net Weigh Auger Filler | VTOPS-DGS-10F

10kg Dry Powder Net Weigh Auger Filler | VTOPS-DGS-10F

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10kg Dry Powder Net Weigh Auger Filler | VTOPS-DGS-10F

10kg Dry Powder Net Weigh Auger Filler is my a new generation of intelligent electronic weighing packaging machine developed by our company. With a reasonable structure, stable running, easy operation, high weighing accuracy characteristics.

Host of 10kg dry powder net weigh auger filler using fast and slow two kinds of speeds to feed, the speed is faster. And it is with advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling technology, anti-jamming technology, and to achieve automatic compensation and error correction for powder, granular, flake materials’ s quantitative packing.

10kg Dry Powder Net Weigh Auger Filler are widely used in food additives, chemical raw medicine, flour, milk powder, starch, sugar, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate, seeds, rice, fertilizer, feed, plastic powder, new building materials and other industries.


  1. All stainless steel production process, contact materials are SUS304.
  2. Electronic screen, PLC controlled, operation is simple.
  3. Independent suspension sensors, stable signal transmission and ensure weighing accuracy.
  4. Infrared sensor, two-speed feeding system, high weighing accuracy.
  5. Hopper has arch breaking motor, when the auger delivers, the materials will loose.
  6. Circular bag-clipping device, the bag and discharge hole are jointed tightly, to reduce dust spills.
  7. If equip with screw conveyor feeder, conveyor belt, sealing machine, will be realizing automated control, improves efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Technical Parameters:

  • Applicable Materials: Powder, Mixed Powder
  • Metering Range: 2-10 Kg
  • Fills Error: ≤ 0.3%
  • Filling Speed: 4-10 fills/min
  • Feeding Method: Single Auger
  • Metering Method: Fill-By-Weight
  • Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
  • Air Consumption: 1 m3/h
  • Power: Three-Phase 380V 50/60Hz 1.5Kw
  • Dimension: 600 × 1400 × 1800 mm

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