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Single Head Automatic Economical Linear Powder Filling Machine | VTOPS-PSH-01

Automatic single head linear economical powder filling machine of model VTOPS-PSH-01 is an economic type auger filling machine. The containers are automatically position, automatic filling and automatic transferring.
The linear powder filling machine is applying to filling all kinds of powders, mixed powder-granule in variety of bottles and cans. Such as milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, pharmaceuticals, food additives, etc.

Table of Contents:

1. Features:

  • 1). Adopts double cylinders bottles blocking and positioning device.
  • 2). Jars, pails, bottles, tins are applicable.
  • 3). Electronic scale integrated with host, to achieve automatic error correction when do the checking.
  • 4). Using servo motor to control the materials filling. Big torque with high precision and high speed.
  • 5). Together with the screw conveyor feeder, to achieve automatic materials level control, automatic replenishment when the hopper of auger filler is a shortage of the materials, saving time and efforts.

2. Detailed Photos:

Single Head Automatic Liear Powder Filling Machine (Economic Linear) | VTOPS-PSH-01

Single Head Automatic Auger Filler Detail


  • Automatic Counting Fills
  • The filling speed is adjustable according to different material characteristics.

3. Technical Parameters:

Model VTOPS-PSH-01
Metering Range 5g-2500g
Filled Error ≤ ±1%
Measurement Method Auger Filler
Filling Speed 0-60 fills/min
Filling Motor Servo Motor [3]
Auger Height Adjustable Within 8 cm
Monitorable Hopper Yes [3]
Easy Clean Hopper Optional [3]
Hopper Volume 50 Liters
Contact Materials SUS 304
Air Consumption 25 L/min
Machine Weight 220 kg
Voltage AC Three-Phase 380V 50/60HZ
Power 2.0 Kw
Machine Weight 380 KGS
Dimension 2500*850*1960mm
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.

4. Video Gallery:

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1 review for Economical Linear Dry Powder Filling Machine | VTOPS-PSH-01

  1. Blake Anne

    That auger filler machine is really solid – great quality, and vtops customer service is top-notch. Plus, a nice bonus is that they all come with wooden boxes. I’m genuinely pleased with it.

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Economical Linear Dry Powder Filling Machine | VTOPS-PSH-01

SKU VTOPS-PSH-01 Category Tag

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Economic Linear Powder Filling MachineEconomical Linear Dry Powder Filling Machine | VTOPS-PSH-01
Original price was: $6,890.Current price is: $5,890.
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