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Check weight from 5kg to 30kg;
Automatic Removal and Alarm;

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Inline Production Checkweigher Machine Check Weight From 5kg to 30kg

An inline 30kg checkweigher machine is a type of industrial weighing equipment designed to accurately measure the weight of a product or package and determine whether it falls within an acceptable range or not. The 30kg refers to the maximum weight capacity of the checkweigher, meaning it can weigh products or packages up to 30 kilograms.

Checkweigher machines are commonly used in manufacturing and production lines to ensure that products meet quality control standards and regulatory requirements. They can also be used for inventory management, shipping and receiving, and other applications where accurate weight measurements are important.

Technical Parameters

Weighing Range 5Kg-30Kg
Accuracy XIII(1)
Max.Belt Speed 35 m/min
Max Speed 30 PCS
Belt Size(mm) L86cmxW50cm
HMI 7” Touch Screen
Reject Method Pneumatic Pusher
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V 600W 50/60Hz 3A
Dimensions 165x115x140cm
Weight 260kg

Layout Drawing

Outline Dimensions of CW30000 Weighing Rejection Machine
Outline Dimensions of CW30000 Weighing Rejection Machine

The checkweigher typically consists of a conveyor belt or other transport mechanism that moves products or packages through an inline scale weighing platform, which records the weight and sends the data to a central control system. If a product falls outside the acceptable weight range, the system can trigger an alarm to notify operators to take corrective action, or take direct removal measures.



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5kg to 30kg Inline Checkweigher Machine | VTOPS-CW30K

SKU VTOPS-CW30K Category Tag

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