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50g 100g 500g 1000g Instant Coffee Cocoa Powder VFFS Packaging Machine with Ribbon Mixer

A packaging machine designed for instant coffee cocoa powder using the VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) technology, along with a Ribbon Mixer. Let me break down the components and their roles:

Instant Coffee Cocoa Powder:

This is the product you want to package. Instant coffee cocoa typically comes in powder form, and it needs to be measured and filled into individual packages.

VFFS Packaging Machine (Vertical Form Fill Seal):

The VFFS machine is a type of packaging equipment commonly used in the food industry to form, fill, and seal bags or pouches. It operates vertically, starting with a flat roll of film, forming it into a shape to hold the product, filling the product into the formed package, and then sealing it.

Ribbon Mixer:

The ribbon mixer is a type of industrial mixer commonly used in food processing to blend dry powders. In this context, it’s likely used to mix and homogenize the instant coffee cocoa powder before it’s fed into the packaging machine. The ribbon design of the mixing blades helps achieve a more thorough and uniform mixing.


When using an auger filler in the packaging process for instant cocoa powder, it adds an additional level of precision and control to the filling process. Here’s a basic workflow of how these components might work together:


The instant coffee cocoa powder is fed into the ribbon mixer to ensure a consistent blend of the product. This step is crucial to maintain uniform flavor and texture throughout the packaged product.

Auger Filler:

The auger filler is a type of dosing system that uses a rotating screw (auger) to measure and dispense a predetermined amount of powder. In the context of instant cocoa powder, the auger filler precisely measures the required quantity of powder to be filled into each package.

Integration with VFFS Machine:

The auger filler is typically integrated into the VFFS packaging machine. It is positioned to feed the exact measured amount of instant cocoa powder into each forming package.

Auger Rotation and Measurement:

As the auger rotates, it draws in a controlled amount of instant cocoa powder. The rotation speed and the design of the auger are calibrated to ensure accurate dosing.

Feeding into the Forming Tube:

The auger dispenses the measured powder into the forming tube of the VFFS machine. The forming tube shapes the flat film into the desired bag format, and the powder is released into the forming bag.

Continuation of VFFS Process:

The VFFS machine then proceeds with the vertical forming, filling, and sealing process. The auger-filling mechanism ensures that each bag receives the correct and consistent amount of instant cocoa powder.

It’s worth noting that the specific features and capabilities of the VFFS bagging machine, as well as the Ribbon Mixer, can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Customization might be required based on the exact requirements of your production process.



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Instant Coffee Cocoa VFFS Packaging Machine with Ribbon Mixer

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Instant Coffee Cocoa VFFS Packaging Machine with Ribbon MixerInstant Coffee Cocoa VFFS Packaging Machine with Ribbon Mixer
Original price was: $19,990.Current price is: $18,990.
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