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Model: VTOPS-P5 Categories: ,

A 25kg bulk powder big bag packing machine is a piece of equipment for packaging dry bulk materials, such as dry powders, tiny granules, or other solid substances, filling and packing into large open-mouth bags commonly known as “big bags” or “bulk bags” such as plastic bags, polythene bags, pp bags, woven bags. These machines are used in industries like agriculture, chemicals, construction, and food processing to efficiently package and transport bulk solid materials.


  • Compact Design: Vertical design makes the machine space-efficient and allows it to be integrated into production lines.
  • Fill-By-Weight System: The integrated net weighing system ensures precise filling and packing, and it contributes to consistent output.
  • Digital Display Panel: Provides an intuitive interface that allows monitor and control of the packaging process easily for efficient operation and quality control.
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts: Ensures corrosion resistance and facilitates easy cleaning, maintaining product hygiene and extending the machine’s lifespan.
  • Auto Tare System: The auto tare system automatically accounts for the weight of the pouch or container, ensuring accurate measurements.
  • Manual Weight Setting: The manual weight setting feature adds flexibility, allowing adjustments when necessary.
  • Flexible Pouch Holder: The big bag packing machine can accommodate different sizes of pouches, enhancing versatility and reducing the need for multiple machines.
  • Foot-Operated Function: The foot-operated function is a convenient feature that streamlines the packaging process.
  • Wide Packing Range: The ability to handle a wide packing range within a single compact machine means it can package a variety of products with different weights efficiently.


VTOPS-P5-50L VTOPS-P5-100L VTOPS-P5-50L Pro VTOPS-P5-100L Pro
Highlights Fill By Weight[1] Fill By Weight[1] & Fill From Bottom To Top
Fill BottomServo filling from bottom to top to effectively suppress dust
Degassing FillingDegassing filling process involves removing air or gases from the product to prevent issues such as oxidation, spoilage, or contamination. Optional Optional
Hopper Size 50L 100L 50L 100L
Fill Weight 1-10 Kgs 5-25 Kgs 1-10 Kgs 5-25 Kgs
Fill Speed 5-10 Times/min 3-6 Times/min 5-8 Times/min 2-3 Times/min
Control System PLC Control & Color HMI & Servo Driven
Fill Accuracy ≥99.9% ≥99.7% ≥99.9% ≥99.7%
Warranty Period 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Contact Parts Fully Stainless Steel Construction and SUS304 for Product Contact Parts
Air Supply 6 kg/cm², 0.05m³/min
Power Supply AC 3P 380V 50/60Hz[2]
Total Power 2.2 Kw 2.8 Kw 2.65 Kw 3.12 Kw
Total Weight 330 Kgs 400 Kgs 380 Kgs 500 Kgs
Machine Size 113x89x200 cm 113x98x253 cm 113x89x250 cm 113x98x323 cm
  • [1]: Real-Time Dual speed weigh-fill: high speed for bulk fill, slow speed for fine fill.
  • [2]: Voltage is available to customize according to customer needs.
  • [3]: Working Process: set packing weight → press foot pedal → pneumatic clamper close sack opening → sack lift up → fast fill bulk fill as sack descends → weight check → slow fill top-up→ weight reaches → clamper release → take out.



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25kg Bulk Powder Big Bag Packing Machine Price | VTOPS-P5

SKU VTOPS-P5 Categories ,

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