What is Auger Filler Machine?

What is Auger Filler Machine?

An auger filler is a packaging machine to fill dry powders and tiny granular products in containers such as bags, bottles, or pouches.

Reviewed by Mingchong Lee, Senior Engineer Working in Packaging Machine Industry Over 20 years.

An auger filler is a type of packaging machine to fill dry powders and tiny granular products. The auger filler can accurately fill the product in containers such as bags, bottles, or pouches. It utilizes an auger, which is a spiral-shaped screw conveyor, to measure and dispense the product.

The hopper is an essential part of the auger filling machine to hold the product that needs filling. The auger itself is designed with a specific pitch and diameter to achieve precise volumetric or weight-based measurements. As the auger turns, the product will be conveyed by a different-diameter discharge funnel tube into the packaging container. A motor controls the rotation of the auger, and the speed is adjustable to control the amount of product dispensed.

Auger fillers are available in many industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, to fill products such as spices, flour, sugar, coffee, pharmaceutical powders, and other similar materials. They offer accurate and consistent filling, reducing product waste and ensuring proper packaging.

It’s important to note that while auger fillers are efficient for powders and granular materials, they may not be suitable for filling liquids or products with high viscosity. However, other filling machines like piston fillers or gravity fillers are ideal choices in such cases.

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