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VTOPS Exported An Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine to Germany Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd exported one set of linear type automatic auger powder filling machine to Mr. Chris from Germany on May 21st, 2020. Mr. Chris is a director from a Germeny company which producing nutritional supplements food powders. The company has a certain […]

On March 26, 2020, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd export a CE approved VFFS packing machine to Mr. RH in Europe. Mr. RH is a managing director of a well-known European food company which founded since year 1990. It has a variety of own brands of innovative foods, and the leading providers in the field. […]

An auger filler increased ground clearance which customize for Mr Troy Gullekson from United States of America. Mr Troy Gullekson is an owner of a flour mill factory in Minnesota of United States of America. He need one more semi-automatic auge filler machine due to the increasing production. Firstly, How to Pick the Ideal Auger […]

VTOPS exported a Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machine to Mr. Nikolay from Bulgaria on October 2019. Mr. Nikolay come from Bulgaria. VTOPS proud offer a Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machine (VTOPS-P2) to Mr. Nikolay. Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machine of model VTOPS-P2 is a hot sale auger filler from VTOPS. Filling Weight: 20g-4000g (Totally 3 unit auger screw […]

VTOPS is proud offer auger filling machine for the Mr. Arvind Kumar from Malaysia on October 2019. Mr. Arvind Kumar is a packer of tooth powder from Malaysia. VTOPS proud offer Auger Filling Machine (model VTOPS-PSH-01) to Mr. Arvind Kumar. Automatic Auger Filler of model VTOPS-PSH-01 is an economic linear type single head auger filling […]

Vtops Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Exported to Australia on September 21, 2019 Vtops semi-automatic auger filler and screw conveyor feeder is packaging in the special wooden box to exported Australia on September 21, 2019. Image Description: The semi-automatic auger filler is packaging in a special wooden box for export. Image Description: The hopper of screw conveyor […]

Vtops Fill-By-Vibration Auger Filler Delivered to Sweden Recently, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered a fully automatic Fill-By-Vibration Auger Filler [1] to a condiment manufacturer (“the Client”) from Sweden. The Client is an established spices powder company in Sweden and mainly deals in kitchen condiments with chili powder and pepper powder as major products. Mr. […]

Some Problems You Will Meet When Picking an Auger Filler Flour, milk powder, food additives, etc., are common dry powdered food in our lives. As people’s awareness of consuming safety continues increasing our daily bread, the requirements for powdered food packaging, quality, and safety are increasing. Dry powder products have special packaging equipment requirements due […]

How to Choose the Most Suitable Powder Filling Packing Machine? Firstly, what is Powder Filling Packing Machine? Powder filling packing machine means the machines can finish total or parts products and commodity powder packing process, including mainly automatic filling, bag forming, sealing and coding and so on. The related following process including cleaning, stack, disassemble […]

A Manual Powder Filling Machine Exported to Budapest of Hungary (Images) Manual powder filling machine also named semi-automatic auger filler. It suited for the filling any powders, such as tiny powder, ultra-fine powder and micro small granules. This post describes the VTOPS export of a semi-automatic auger filler to Hungary. Before Packaging: A photo of […]