Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Machine: B/350E VS VTOPS-P2

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Semi-automatic auger filling machines are used for filling powders and granular materials into containers. Both the All Fill Auger Filler B/350e and VTOPS-P2 are semi-automatic auger filler machines, but they have some differences in their specifications and features.
Item All-Fill B-350e VTOPS-P2
Exterior Photo All Fill Auger Filler B/350E VTOPS-P2
Brand All Fill Auger Filler VTOPS Auger Filler
Accuracy +/-2% +/-1%
HMI 3.5" Color Touch Screen 7" LCD Touch Screen
Hopper Capacity 10 or 16 gal 50L (13.2 gal)
Operation Type Semi-Automatic Auger Filler Semi-Automatic Auger Filler
Related Model MODEL B/600
VTOPS-P2C (Fill-by-Weight)
VTOPS-P2D (Fill-by-Weight)
VTOPS-P2T (Tabletop)
VTOPS-P2E (Economy)
Warranty Period Unknown 2-Years
Here are more some of the key differences:


The B/350E auger filler machine has a filling range of 10g to 3kg, while the VTOPS-P2 can fill up to 5kg.


The VTOPS-P2 offers higher accuracy in filling compared to the All Fill B/350E. The VTOPS-P2 can achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.3-1% depending on the product, while the B/350E can achieve an accuracy of +/- 1-2% depending on the product.

Hopper Size:

The VTOPS-P2 has a larger hopper size of 50L (13.2 gal) and optional with 100L. compared to the All Fill B/350E, which has a hopper size of 10 gal and optional with 16 gal.

Control Panel:

The control panel on the VTOPS-P2 auger filler machine is more advanced, with a 7″ touch screen display and a PLC system are both DELTA with global after-sales service system. Compared to the B/350E, which has a simpler control panel with a digital display.

Material of construction:

The VTOPS-P2 is constructed with 304 stainless steel and meets cGMP standards, while the B/350E auger filler machine is made of mild steel with a powder coating.

Changeover Time:

The VTOPS-P2 has a quicker changeover time compared to the All Fill Auger Filler B/350E due to its more advanced control panel and hopper design.

Overall, both VTOPS-P2 and B/350E are a kind of semi-automatic auger fillers for dosing dry powderly products. But the VTOPS-P2 offers higher accuracy, a larger hopper size, a more advanced control panel, and quicker changeover times compared to the B/350E. However, the B/350E may be a more cost-effective option for businesses with smaller filling requirements.

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