Auger filler is an automatic quantitative filling machine and it is the bset choice for all dry non-stick powder materials. The biggest advantage of auger filling machinery is that the systems are relatively closed making auger fillers the ideal choice for very fine powders. It widely used in food, medicine and chemical products. The auger filling machine quantitatively produce according to the needs of users, to meet the large-scale production needs of customers, and to reduce investment and use costs for customers. However, in the actual operation of the auger filling machine, if some failures of auger filling machine, which are worthy of the user’s understanding and mastering the how to solve auger filler problems.

1. Startup Problem:

If users cannot start the auger filling machine suddenly. What needs to do the inspection work again in this situation. Firstly, check whether the filling sensor detects the signal within a reasonable range.
Secondly, it should check whether the air compressor is started. This inspection is limit to VTOPS-P2C series, VTOPS-PSH-L series and VTOPS-DGS series models only.

2. HMI Problem:

VTOPS auger filling machines are using LCD touch screen systems of brand DELTA. The touch screen will enter the intelligent power saving mode if it is not operat for a long time. The user can wake up the touch screen by tapping anywhere on the touch screen.

3. Accuracy Problem:

More than 99.99% of customers will pay attention to the filling accuracy of the auger filling machine.
If the user finds that the filled weight is appears frequently unstable during the use of the auger filling machine. In this case, check whether the material is uniform and whether agglomeration occurs. This problem can be solved by turning on the blender motor to evenly mix the density of the material in the hopper.

4. Materials Free Flow:

How to Determine if Your Product is Free Flow or Non-Free Flow?

Generally, for the ordinary VTOPS-P series models: A device that prevents free flow device will solve this problem.
Prevents Free Flow Device
For the VOPS-DGS series:
Firstly, unload the material accumulated in the hopper. Then observe whether the clamp and hold device if closed well, and whether the closing valve has accumulated material. If all of the above are normal, the sealing of the discharge cylinder should be checked for goodness.

5. Clamp and Hold Device not Work:

Both the VTOPS-P2C and VTOPS-DGS are equipped with a Clamp and Hold device to provide accuracy. The difference is that the filling range of the VTOPS-P2C series ranges from 1 kg to 6 kg. The filling range of the DGS series ranges from 2 kg to 50 kg.

If the Bag Clamp and Hold device does not work, the electric switching valve does not work normally. When the air supply pressure is normal, first check whether the voltage of the reversing valve coil can be controlled. If the electrical switching is normal, the reversing valve is faulty and should be replaced in time. If it cannot be switched, the corresponding maintenance process is a pocket switch, a reversing valve control transistor, and a bidirectional trigger optocoupler.

The above are some common solutions of solve auger filler problems. The user can only ensure the better and stable operation of the equipment based on the overall structure of the equipment, the correct installation and completion of the equipment, and the relevant problems and solutions.
In addition, after the daily use of the equipment completed, regular maintenance, maintenance, as well as inspection and timely maintenance work are essential, and it is also the key to ensure the longevity of the product.

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