VTOPS Launches Lithium Battery Powder Filling Packing Machine

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VTOPS launches lithium battery powder filling packing machine with vacuum sealer machine in August 2023, and the whole machine comes with an explosion-proof system. A lithium battery is a rechargeable battery that stores and releases electrical energy through the movement of lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes. Due to their high energy density, lightweight, and rechargeability, lithium batteries have a wide range of applications in various fields.[1] It has become an indispensable energy storage solution for modern life. Lithium battery powder is a key raw material for manufacturing lithium batteries. In this article we will introduce of how to package and seal lithium battery powder, and are the following.

VTOPS Launches Lithium Battery Powder Filling Packing Machine and Vacuum Sealer

Lithium Battery Powder Filling Packing Machine and Vacuum Sealing Machine

1. Main Advantages of Lithium Battery Powder Filling Machine

The bags filling system of the lithium battery packaging machine adopts the 100 liters servo auger filler system with explosion-proof function. More features are as follows:

Explosion-proof System

The lithium battery powder filling machine has a complete explosion-proof system, and materials comply with explosion-proof standards. Lithium battery powder has conductive properties and may generate dust during the filling process, which is potentially dangerous. Therefore, a complete explosion protection system and safety system are crucial to ensure safe operation. The explosion-proof motor adopts a special closed design, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the parts and coils of the motor. In addition, the explosion-proof pedal also has a reliable sealing performance. External dust or gas will not enter the inside of the pedal when the operator depresses the pedal. This helps prevent dust contamination and reduces the risk of dust sparks.

Siemens Touch Screen

The lithium battery powder filling machine is equipped with an optional 12-inch Siemens touch screen, which brings unique advantages when filling lithium battery powder. Its intuitive user interface simplifies operations, reducing training costs and operating errors. The touch screen has the flexibility to customize the interface to adapt to different production needs. The lithium battery powder filling machine adopts fill-by-weight auger filling mode, and the touch screen can record the real-time filling weight. Siemens touch screens are not only famous for their high quality and reliability but also have a global after-sales service network. Siemens’ dedicated technical teams and certified service partners are located around the world. They can provide remote support, on-site repair, training, and customized solutions for customers around the world.

Degassing Function

The degassing function of lithium battery powder filler is an important process. It can remove gas or air from the powder, ensuring that the powder is evenly dispersed and dense in the battery electrodes. This function helps improve the quality of powder packaging and ensures that the powder for battery manufacturing is excellent. It indicates that powders do not cause gas release or bubble issues during battery manufacturing. This helps maintain battery performance and stability and ensures that the final battery is of consistent quality. In addition, degassing function can reduce pores or voids in the powder, which is beneficial to the next packaging process such as Bag Vacuum Sealing.

Larger Servo Motors
VTOPS lithium battery powder filling machine has larger servo motors than others. First, the larger servo motor provides greater torque and power, allowing the equipment to handle a larger capacity of powder. Secondly, the machine can handle heavy loads or high-viscosity powders, ensuring even distribution and filling. This improves the accuracy and consistency of powder dispensing. Additionally, it increases equipment reliability and reduces maintenance requirements. This is beneficial for extending the life of the equipment and reducing maintenance costs effectively.
Dust Removal Function

The dust removal device is a key optional function of most powder packing systems. It is designed to improve safety and productivity in the work environment. The advanced dust collection system can effectively collect and filter dust to ensure that the workplace remains clean. This feature can improve the production environment, maintain the performance of the equipment, and extend its service life. The high-end dust removal function enables the lithium battery powder filling machine to work under efficient, safe, and sustainable conditions.

100-Liter Large-capacity Silo Design

The 100-liter large-capacity hopper is also an optional design of the auger-dosing system to help improve production efficiency and save working time. The easy-to-disassemble hopper design facilitates cleaning and maintenance, maintaining the hygiene and performance of the equipment. The liftable function of the machine head provides the operator with greater flexibility to adapt to different work needs. The comprehensive design of these functions makes the lithium battery powder filling machine an efficient, easy-to-maintain, and convenient-to-operate equipment.

2. Advantages of Lithium Battery Powder Nitrogen Gas Filling Vacuum Sealing Machine

  • The fuselage is SUS 304, which has excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. This characteristic helps to achieve hygienic and accurate sealing and can meet the high requirements of vacuum packaging in various industries. It provides a reliable seal solution in food, medicine, electronics, and other fields.
  • The vacuum sealing machine has a wide range of sealing lengths, from 600mm to 1200mm. It can cope with various packaging needs of different sizes. The wide seal length range provides great flexibility in the production and packaging process, making it ideal for a variety of packaging needs.
  • The sealing machine can be vacuumed for the second time after the powder filling machine removes the gas for the first time. This function makes it useful when packaging food, medicine, or other easily oxidized items. Performing a secondary vacuum can effectively prevent oxygen residues and ensure the long-term preservation of the product.
  • This sealer’s nitrogen injection capability is particularly important when it comes to sensitive powder products. The injection of nitrogen helps reduce the oxygen content inside the packaging, further reducing the occurrence of oxidation reactions.
  • The height and angle of the head of the sealing machine can be adjusted according to production needs. It enables the machine to easily adapt to different packaging requirements. The adjustability of the head of the machine ensures the accuracy and consistency of the sealing process, thereby ensuring the sealing and safety of the product.
  • This sealing machine has excellent production efficiency. It has eight different functions to meet various sealing and packaging needs. Whether for food, medicine, cosmetics, or other products, you can handle it with ease. The machine works extremely efficiently, it takes only 15 to 20 seconds per cycle to complete the sealing task.

What Is The Function Of Lithium Battery Powder?

Lithium battery powder is a material in powder form used in the manufacture of positive and negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries. These powders are specially processed and used to coat the electrodes of batteries. The cathode powder usually includes an oxide, such as lithium cobalt oxide. The negative electrode powder is usually a carbon-based material. The lithium battery powder directly affects the performance, capacity, and charge and discharge capabilities of the battery. Therefore, it plays an indispensable key role in lithium battery manufacturing.

Storage Conditions of Lithium Battery Powder

The storage conditions of lithium battery powder are critical to ensure their quality and performance. Powders should be stored in sealed packages to avoid the ingress of moisture and oxygen. They should stay away from direct sunlight to prevent humidification, oxidation, or aggregation of the powder. In addition, maintaining the uniformity of the powder and preventing impurities from entering are also critical. Therefore, vacuum packaging is the best way to pack and store lithium battery powder.

The Importance of Vacuum Packaging to the Preservation of Lithium Battery Powder

  • Moisture Protection: Lithium battery powder is very sensitive to moisture. Moisture absorption will cause the powder to agglomerate, condense, or reduce quality. Vacuum packaging can effectively reduce the entry of moisture and keep the powder dry. The dry state is critical to maintaining powder performance and stability.
  • Oxidation Protection: Oxygen can cause oxidation reactions in lithium battery powders, especially for some metal oxide powders. Vacuum packaging can reduce the chance of oxygen contact, reduce oxidation reactions, and ensure the quality of the powder.
  • Long-term Storage: Lithium battery powder needs to be stored for a long time to prepare for future production. Vacuum packaging can extend the life of the powder and reduce the quality changes of the powder during storage.
  • Powder Uniformity: Vacuum packaging helps maintain powder uniformity and prevent stratification or agglomeration of powder materials.
  • Prevent Impurities: Vacuum packaging can reduce the chance of external impurities entering the powder and maintain the purity of the powder. Impurities can negatively affect battery performance.


Lithium batteries play an extremely important role in modern society. They provide efficient, rechargeable solutions for energy storage and mobility, driving the development of green energy and portable technology. At the same time, the quality and preservation of lithium battery powder are crucial to battery performance. Lithium battery powder filling machines and vacuum sealing machines play a key role in the lithium battery manufacturing process. The professional lithium battery powder filling machines and vacuum sealing machines produced by VTOPS have many significant advantages. They ensure the long-term stability of the powder during manufacturing and storage to meet growing battery demand.


[1]: Lithium battery | Wikipedia

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