With the gradual improvement of living standards, the consumption of substitutes has increased. Such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, potatoes, legumes and so on. And China’s total domestic cereal grain consumption has gradually declined. The excess capacity of traditional flour has become particularly prominent. Today, consumption is escalating, and traditional flour is saturated, but various high-quality specialty flours are in short supply. So, it promote the upgrading and development of flour making equipment and flour packaging equipment.

Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour

According to the research report of the Chinese market, the annual per capita flour consumption has dropped from about 0.07 tons / person in 2012 to about 0.06 tons / person in 2018. Based on this calculation, China’s wheat flour consumption in 2018 was about 77.3 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of about 1.6%. However, compared with ordinary flour, the market demand for high-quality flour is increasing.

Special Flour Weighing Packing Machine

Not only that, there has been overcapacity in the traditional ordinary flour market in the Chinese market. However, there is a shortage of various high-quality special flours, such as special flours for breads, pastries, instant noodles, noodles, and frozen noodles. According to market demand, it is known that the demand for bread, pastry and convenience flour is very high, exceeding 9 million tons; the demand for noodle flour is about 5 million tons; the frozen noodle products are more than 2 million tons, and the demand for other flour products is 1 million Below tons. In this regard, China’s flour market demand is still showing a positive trend.

According to a VTOPS survey, flour’s quality depends on wheat’s quality. The wheat have excellent in the main quality indicators is necessary for producing high-quality special flour. Such as protein, bulk density, gluten, and others. With the increasing of consumer demand of various special flours, special flour weiging packing machine increased also. And, the weighing packing weight of special flour is mainly concentrated from 5 kgs to 50 kgs.

A photo of 5 kgs to 50 kgs flour weighing packing machine is following:

Special Flour Weighing Packing Machine

Special Flour Weighing Packing Machine

Description of Flour Weighing Packing Machine

  • 1. Filled Error: ≤ 0.5%.
  • 2. Packing Weight: 5 Kgs to 50kgs
  • 3. Measurement Method: Fill-By-Weight.
  • 4. Automatic Grade: Manually Place Bag.
  • 5. Certification: CE Approved.

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