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Stirring Style Granule Sauce Sticky Jam Filling Machine | VTOPS-LP

The Stirring Granule Sauce Filling Machine is an automated bottling equipment designed for viscous materials like sauces and pastes that contain small granules. It is primarily used in the production and packaging of various granulated sauce products.

Its working principle usually involves using an automatic stirring system to maintain a uniform distribution of granules in the sauce. Then, a precise filling system, such as a lobe pump, is used to fill the granulated sauce into predetermined packaging containers.

1. Features:

  • 1. Efficient Lobe Pump Filling Method: Adopting an efficient and reliable lobe pump filling method will ensure high-precision and high-efficiency filling operations. Whether the sauce has a high concentration, high viscosity, or contains granules, it can be accurately and quickly filled into various types of packaging.
  • 2. Horizontal Stirring Structure: To prevent granule sedimentation, this machine is equipped with an automatic stirring system. This system can maintain the uniformity of the sauce during the filling process. The equipment adopts a horizontal stirring structure, which can fully mix the sauce and oil, ensuring the uniformity of the sauce, thereby improving filling performance and measurement accuracy.
  • 3. Automated Operation: The fully automatic operation process does not require manual intervention, which not only improves production efficiency but also reduces manual errors, bringing you higher convenience and efficiency in production.
  • 4. Broad Application Scope: The Stirring Granule Sauce Filling Machine can fill various different sauces, including spicy sauce, spicy sauce, beef sauce, soybean sauce, fresh chili sauce, seafood sauce, curry sauce, Sichuan bean sauce, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base, etc.

2. Technical Parameters:

Filling Head 1 2 4
Speed(b/h) 600-1200 1000-1500 1600-2000
Filling Range 10-100ml, 30-300ml, 50-500ml, 100-1000ml, 250-2500ml, 500-5000ml
Filling Accuracy ≥99% ≥99% ≥99%
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 1Kw 1.5Kw 2.1Kw
Machine Weight 200 Kg 250 Kg 300 Kg
Dimensions(cm) 200×80×150 200×80×160 200×90×180



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Stirring Style Granule Sauce Jam Filling Machine | VTOPS-LP

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Stirring Granule Sauce Filling MachineStirring Style Granule Sauce Jam Filling Machine | VTOPS-LP
Original price was: $7,990.Current price is: $7,390.
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