Up 7680 PPH Compressed Bar Biscuit Making Machine | ZPW-4

This rotary style bar biscuit making machine speed up to 3760 pieces per hour and available both for military and civilian use.

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This rotary style Bar Biscuit Making Machine is a high-end speed up to 3760 pieces per hour food machinery, the machine is available both for produce compressed biscuits for military and civilian use. Compressed biscuit production involves five main processes, that is, biscuit baking, powderizing, mixing, compressing and packaging. The rotary tablet press plays an important role in making compressed biscuits.

This rotary tablet press is primarily composed of mechanical structure, hydraulic system, electric drive unit and electronic control unit. In addition, it is equipped with stainless steel hopper and other devices. Except material feeding, the machine performs other operations automatically. So, it can realize full automation if equipped with an automatic feeding device.

Model ZPW-4-2 ZPW-4-4
Ouput 3840 p/h 7680 p/h
Motor Power 7.5Kw 11Kw
Max. Compression Pressure 180-250 kg/square 180-250 kg/square
Max. Dia. of Tablet 40 x 80 mm 40 x 80 mm
Max. Filling Depth 40 mm (Adjustable) 40 mm (Adjustable)
Max. Thickness of Tablet 10-30 mm 10-30 mm
Maximum Working Diameter 750 mm 1030 mm
Turret Speed 7 r/min 8 r/min
Overall Size 1240*920*1710 mm 1750*1200*1810 mm
Net Weight 2000 Kg 3000 Kg
Warranty Period Free 2-year Warranty Free 2-year Warranty
Step 1: Compressed Bar Biscuit Making Machine
Step 2: Compressed Bar Biscuit Plastic Shrink Wrap Machine
Step 3: Compressed Bar Biscuit Vacuum Bagging Machine

Up 7680 PPH Compressed Bar Biscuit Making Machine | ZPW-4

SKU ZPW-4-2/4 Category

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