Mr. Holt Visits Vtops for Spices Filling Labeling Machines

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Mr. Holt is a condiment manufacturer from Sweden. His company was established in 2003 and has strong capabilities. To expand the company’s scale, the company urgently needs to purchase a batch of packaging machinery, such as a fully automated fill-by-vibration auger filler, to improve the efficiency of condiment packaging. Due to the reliability of manufacturing in China, Mr. Holt wanted to find a reliable packaging machine manufacturer in China. After communicating with several packaging machinery production companies, Mr. Holt finally chose VTOPS as his partner. Mr. Holt visited VTOPS on June 19 and August 27, 2018. As a company specializing in the production of packaging machinery, VTOPS welcomes Mr. Holt. The two visits further enhanced his confidence in VTOPS.

The Purpose of Mr. Holt’s Two Visits

First Visit: Choose Fully Automated Fill-by-vibration Auger Filler and Labeling Machine

Mr. Holt’s first visit was to find a fully automated fill-by-vibration auger filler [1]Fully Automated Fill-by-Vibration Auger Filler . The filler is specially designed to fill spice powder into plastic jars efficiently. The chief mechanical engineer of VTOPS warmly received Mr. Holt. He comprehensively introduced the company’s unique, fully automated fill-by-vibration auger filler technology through in-depth technical exchanges and on-site demonstrations. The chief engineer explained the advanced features of the filling machine to Mr. Holt in detail, including high automation, precise metering, and quick adjustment. The machine’s intelligent design makes the production process more stable and efficient while ensuring product quality and consistency. Mr. Holt expressed great satisfaction with this technical solution and spoke highly of VTOPS’s technical strength in the field of packaging machinery.
Mr. Holt also brought samples of his company’s plastic jars and labels to demonstrate their products’ packaging needs and design standards. The VTOPS team carefully studied the samples and recommended a suitable labeling machine. The two parties also discussed customized production and after-sales service in-depth, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Second Visit: Learn How to Use Them

The main purpose of Mr. Holt’s second visit was to inspect the fully automated fill-by-vibration auger filler and round jars labeling machine[2]Automatic Round Jars Labeling Machine | VTOPS-L-RB. He wants to gain an in-depth understanding of their operation and usage details. During this visit, VTOPS arranged for a professional technical team to accompany Mr. Holt and demonstrate the machine’s functions and operating procedures in detail. Mr. Holt highly praised the manufacturing process and product quality of VTOPS. He admired the company’s high standards and rigor in its production processes.
Mr. Holt raised some technical questions during the machine inspection and had in-depth discussions with VTOPS engineers. Engineers answered the questions raised by Mr. Holt. This visit made Mr. Holt more confident about the fully automated fill-by-vibration auger filler. At the same time, on-site visits further strengthened the trust and cooperative relationship between VTOPS and customers.

Mr. Holt Visits Vtops Machinery on June 19, 2018
Mr. Holt Visits Vtops Machinery on June 19, 2018


VTOPS is a company specializing in producing various types of packaging machinery. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been committed to promoting technological innovation and development in the packaging industry. The company is known for its advanced engineering design and efficient production processes, providing customers with a full range of packaging solutions. Over the past two decades, VTOPS has established a broad customer base in China and won a good reputation in the international market.
VTOPS produces various packaging machinery, including filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines. Based on the “customer first” concept, the company provides customized packaging solutions for each customer. To solve customers’ worries about purchasing machines, VTOPS provides each customer up to two years of after-sales service. In the future, VTOPS will continue to be committed to packaging technology’s research, development, and innovation. The company will continue to lead the development of the packaging industry, expand business areas, and ensure that it creates greater value for customers.

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