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Both model FR-1100V and FRD-1200V are vertical continuous band sealer machine. FR series continuous film sealing machines finish continuous carrying, sealing and printing in one operation. The machine can be made horizontally, vertically or with stand feet. It adopts electronic constant temperature mechanism and stepless speed regulating transmission motor. It can seal plastic film in various kinds of materials. FRD-1200V Solid-ink codiong band sealer is a new model of automatic plastic film sealing machine, which integrates color printing, sealing, continuous transmission of products, with clean and bright pattern on the sealing part, color selectable, instant printing and instant dry, and convenient to change the characters.

Technical Parameters

Model FR-1100V FRD-1200V
Product Name Vertical Continuous Band Sealer Machine
Voltage AC Single-phase 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Power 1235W 1355W
Sealing Speed 0-12m/min
Sealing Width 12mm
Temperature Range 0-300℃
Film Thickness ≤ 0.225mm [1]
Width of Conveyor 230 mm
Length of Conveyor 1360 mm
Max. Conveyor Load 15kgs
Load Height 80-600 mm
Printing Category Steel wheel printing Solid-ink printing
Weight 42kgs 45kgs
Machine Size 1243*580*1228mm 1371*580*1228mm
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.
[1]: The maximum is 0.45mm on two layside.

What are the differences between of FR-1100V and FRD-1200V?

The vertical continuous band sealer machine of model FRD-1200V is equipped solid-ink printing device.

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4 reviews for Vertical Continuous Band Sealer Machine | FRD-1200V

  1. Akinola Benjamin

    The vertical band sealer machine of model VTOPS-FRD-1200V came in a plywood box. Machine works perfectly with minimal set up time got the lot code wheel installed and running with no problems. Highly recommend for any small production shops.

  2. Ren Dronia

    The sealer was fine but there was an issue with the power cable not working. Took a little to figure out why, but since my printer has the same type of cable I switched it and found that solved the problem. I contacted the vtops and they let me buy a new cable on Amazon and then refunded me the cost of it. I accepted this offer because it didn’t complicate things.

    I have been very pleased with this sealer machine. It is great for sealing my spices and pepper and I love the option of adding a date printer so I can be sure the food is fresh and safe. Thanks to the great customer service, the sealer machine has been running great since then and I appreciate the good customer support in fixing the issue right away.

  3. Raymond Velthof

    Nice sealer

  4. Freya

    Absolutely agree. The FRD-1200V’s premium sealing performance, efficiency, versatility, and durability make it a top choice for high-quality sealing solutions.

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Vertical Continuous Band Sealer Machine | FRD-1200V

SKU FRD-1200V Category Tags ,

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Vertical Continuous Band Sealer MachineVertical Continuous Band Sealer Machine | FRD-1200V
Original price was: $1,980.Current price is: $1,290.
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