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Model: VTOPS-GK35-6A Category:

Industrial 50 kg Bag Sewing Machine and Conveyor Belt | GK35 Series

GK35 series 50 kg Bag Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing flour bags, rice bags, gunny bags, plastic woven bags in the field of food industry, chemical industry and port.

The 50 kg bag sewing machine equipped a 3-meter conveyor belt to save labor.

50 kg Bag Sewing Machine and Conveyor Belt


  • 1. Suitable for sewing of PP woven bags, gunny bags, cloth bags and paper bags;
  • 2. A number of improved design: sewing bag counting, jog sewing, jog cutting;
  • 3. Spring type presser foot pressure adjustment;
  • 4. Optional automatic thread cutter function;
  • 5. High quality sewing performance, mechanical properties;
  • 6. 3 meters converyor belt.

Technical Parameters

Model GK35-2C GK35-6A GK35-7
Max Sewing Speed 1900 rpm 1900 rpm 1900 rpm
Working Speed 1700 rpm 1700 rpm 1700 rpm
Max Sewing Thickness 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Gap Between Pinholes 6.5 -11 mm 6.5 -11 mm 6.5 -11 mm
Stitch Type DTCS 401
Needle Type 80800 200~250 80800 200~250 80800 200~250
Pulley Diameter φ 114 mm φ 114 mm φ 114 mm
Thread Chain Cutter Manual Automatic Automatic
Voltage AC Three-phase 380V[1]
Power of Sewing Motor 370W 370W 370W
Sewing Height Adjustable
Weight 26 Kg 28 Kg 31 Kg
Dimensions(cm) 35*21*44 35*24*44 35*24*44
[1]: Voltage can be customized.

People Also Ask

[1]: What is DTCS 401?

DTCS is an acronym for Double-Thread Chain-stitch, the ISO Stitch Terminology 4915 code is 401.
Lear more details of ISO Stitch Terminology.

Double-thread chain-stitch
Class 400: Double-thread chain-stitch ( source from https://portal.groz-beckert.com/)
  • Formation with two threads
  • Most common stitch type for sewing knitted goods or long seams
  • Top and bottom side of the seam look different
  • Very extensible
  • Easy to unpick

Which one big bag sewing machine is the best seller

According to our past experience, 76.83% of users have chosen the GK35-6A package. The GK35-6A package included, 1 sewing machine, 1 sewing machine column, and a 3-meter conveyor belt.

What consumables are there for the sewing machine?

The usual consumables are needles, and thread. But these consumables can be easily purchased in various countries.


1 review for 50 kg Bag Sewing Machine and Conveyor Belt | GK35 Series

  1. Krystal Forsman

    I got my hands on the gk35 gag sewing machine and 3m conveyor belt, and it’s been a pretty sweet deal. 3-meter conveyor belt significantly help me because I don’t have to move the bags weight upto 30kg. Set up was a breeze, thanks to Vtops how-to videos. highly recommend the gk35-6a package with auto cut wires.

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50 kg Bag Sewing Machine and Conveyor Belt | GK35 Series

SKU VTOPS-GK35-6A Category

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