Since the novel coronavirus epidemic outbreak, the international community has paid close attention to the situation in Wuhan of Hubei. The Chinese government and the Chinese people have also actively responded and participated in the fights against novel coronavirus epidemic.

During this period, many mothers are overly concerned that the baby milk powder will be contaminated by contact with the air. Actually this is wrong idea. In recent years, with the rapid development and application of milk powder vacuum lock-fresh packaging technology, the fresh quality of milk powder has been effectively guaranteed.

Milk Powder

What is Vacuum Lock-fresh Packaging Technology?

The vacuum packaging technology was proposed in year 2013 by Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd.
“Vacuum Lock-fresh Packaging Technology” allows milk powder to effectively inhibit aerobic bacteria reproduction. The packaging technology delay the milk powder oxidation under a specific vacuum negative pressure state.

In short, the deterioration process of milk powder is, in the final analysis, the reproduction process of bacteria in milk powder. When the milk powder is in a low-pressure and low-oxygen environment, most of the bacteria inside the milk powder will be effectively inhibited. As a result, the shelf life and freshness period of milk powder will be extended.

Key Points of Innovation:

1. Take the lead in combining vacuum negative pressure technology with milk powder packaging technology.
2. The cans kept the state under negative pressure after seaming.


At present, the technology applied to the milk powder filling packaging production line.

A working video of milk powder filling machine following:

In addition, this technology is ideal packaging to filling protein powder and coffee into tin can.
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