Parameters Comparison

Model FRD-1200V QLF-1680
Photo FRD-1200V Heat Sealer QLF-1680 Heat Sealer
Working Speed 0-12m/min 0-10m/min
Sealing Width 12mm 10mm
Temperature Range 0~300 ℃(adjustable)
Digital Temperature Display
Count Output
Sealing Height 80-600mm (Adjustable) 50-700mm (Adjustable)
Max Loading 10 Kg 15 Kg
Heating Power 500W 400W*2
Date Coder Ink Wheel Hot Stamping Stamping
Voltage AC 220V 50/60Hz
Power 1355W 1000W
Machine Weight 45Kg 180Kg
Machine Size 137*58*120cm 170*75*160cm

People Also Ask

What is a Continuous Vertical Sealing Machine?

A continuous vertical sealing machine is a machine that seals bags or pouches, makes the contained product more hygienic and prolongs the shelf life. It is made of vertical style without spilling contents when sealing and is suitable for sealing stand-up pouches, liquid-type products, and other items.

Wht is the Uses of Continuous Vertical Sealing Machine?

The uses of a continuous vertical sealing machine include hermetically sealing bags and pouches, sealing thermoplastic materials like polyethylene, plastic-lined, foil bags, gusseted bags, pillow-type bags, and barrier bags, and packaging sealing for food bags, medicine, laboratory, daily cosmetics, souvenirs, chemical products, electronic products, vegetable seeds, clothing, electronic originals, hardware, and souvenirs.

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