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Continuous Aluminum Foil Induction Sealer Machine | GLF-1800

A continuous aluminum foil induction sealer machine is suitable for non-metallic packaging containers, such as plastic bottles and glass jars. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetics, and other industries.

This is a semi-automatic economical foil sealing machine, learn more about induction foil sealer machines.


1, The power of the switching power supply is manually adjustable and with a digital display thermometer.
2, The advanced AC speed regulating motor performance is reliable, and the transmission is stable.
3, Automatic aluminum foil sealing machine has a closed-loop step-less speed change system,
4, With an intelligent induction switch, which can intelligently convey products,
5, Fully automatic detection and diagnosis, all-air cooling, and heat dissipation.
6, Sealing speed is fast; it is suitable for large-scale production.
7, Stainless steel shell in appearance, it,s beauty and generous;
8, Easy to operate, good sealing quality, continue working.

Work Principle:

The machine operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction: The aluminum foil on the bottle top is highly heated instantaneously and melted so that the bottle mouth is closely wrapped and sealed.


Continuous Induction Sealer Machine | GLF-1800
Continuous Induction Sealer Machine | LTF-1800

Technical Parameters:

Model GLF-1800 LTF-1800
Pattern Horizontal Vertical
Power 1.3 Kw 1.8 Kw
Cooling Method Air Cool Air Cool
Sealing Diameter φ15-60mm, or φ50-120mm φ15-70mm
Suitable height of bottle 40-300mm 50-300mm
Sealing speed 0-15m/s 0-15m/s
Producting capacity 250P/S(φ40mm bottle dia.) 250P/S(φ40mm bottle dia.)
Weight 45 Kg 50 Kg
Voltage AC Single-phase 220V AC Single-phase 220V
Dimensions (mm) 1150×480×400 1150×480×980
Mode of operation Plastic Console Continuous convey Plastic Console Continuous convey


1 review for Continuous Aluminum Foil Induction Sealer Machine | GLF-1800

  1. Point Man

    We use the induction sealer of GLF-1800 to create a positive closure seal for bottles containing dog poop samples. It works fast and easy. Could not be happier! We can now process hundreds of samples per day, instead of just a few dozen.

    Pros: Cheap price, great seal helps eliminate the nasty odors for a professional looking bottle.

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Continuous Aluminum Foil Induction Sealer Machine | GLF-1800

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Continuous Induction Sealer Machine | LTF-1800Continuous Aluminum Foil Induction Sealer Machine | GLF-1800
Original price was: $1,390.Current price is: $1,190.
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