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  • Power 4000W
  • Water Cooling
  • Inline Speed Up to 400 bottles/min

Water Cooling Induction Cap Sealer machine is a type of sealing machine that uses electromagnetic induction technology to seal aluminum foil or other compatible sealing materials onto containers such as bottles, jars, or cups. It can automatically switch between sealing ultra-small diameter (10mm) to super-large (200mm) and even high-shaped nozzle caps. This type of machine is commonly used in the packaging industry to provide a secure and tamper-evident seal on a wide range of products, including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.


Unique Sensor Head Structure:
The machine’s sensor head has a unique tunnel-type structure and a multi-faceted and three-dimensional heat mode. It ensures optimal seal results even if there is residual material on the container neck.

No Pre-Heating Required:
VTOPS induction cap sealer machine operates without the need for pre-heating, making it simple to use and maintain.

Latest Imported Transistor and CPU Control:
The cap sealer machine’s host generator uses the latest imported transistor from America. And also it equipped with a CPU control system, which enables power adjustment and digital display.

Unique Switching Power Supply Design:
This water cooling induction sealer machine features a unique switching power supply design. It ensures a constant output power, and improves the overall efficiency of the sealing process.

The Water Cooling Induction Cap Sealer machine is water-cooled. Therefore, the cap induction sealer machine enables high-speed continuous work for up to 24 hours. It making it a highly efficient and long-lasting sealing solution.

Bold Copper Tubes in Sensor Head:
The machine’s sensor head is equipped with bold copper tubes, which enables the use of ordinary tap water, reducing the cost of maintenance.

The induction sealer machine is designed to be portable and can be easily integrated into production lines, such as an integrated to the next station of the capping machines. So it making it a flexible and convenient inline solution for a wide range of industries.

Technical Parameters:

Cap Size: 10mm-80mm or 80mm-200mm
Sensor Head Length 480mm & 300mm
Conveyor Speed: 0-25m/min
Sealing Speed: Max 400 bottles/min (PE bottle with 30mm diameter)
Voltage: AC Single-phase 220V
Power: 4000W
Dimension(L x W x H): 500mm X 500mm X 1090mm
Machine Weight: 80kg



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Water Cooling Induction Cap Sealer machine | VTOPS-SR-6000A

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