Semi Automatic Auger Filler | VTOPS-P6

Semi Automatic Auger Filler | VTOPS-P6

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Semi Automatic Auger Filler | VTOPS-P6

Semi automatic auger filler of model VTOPS-P6 was released in June 2019 on the exhibition of Propak China 2019. Mainly used for fill both free flowing and non-free flowing products.
The P6 series auger filler are equipped with the touch screen, PLC and servo system produced by Delta. And equipped with monitorable and easy clean hopper.

Technical Parameters:

  • Model: VTOPS-P6
  • Metering Range: 5 grams to 5000 grams
    Need to replace the Auger Filler and Tube to guaranteed accuracy and speed; details reference the “Some Problems You Will Meet When Picking an Auger Filler [2]” please!
  • Fill Speed: 0-70 fills / minute
  • Filled Error: ≤ ±1%
  • Contact Materials: SUS 304
  • HMI: LCD Touch Screen
  • Control System: PLC
  • Monitorable Hopper: Yes [2]
  • Easy Clean Hopper: Yes [3]
  • Filling Motor: Servo Motor [4]
  • Fill Control: Timer based / Sensor based
  • Container: Bottle, jar, pouch, can
  • Hopper Volume: 50 liters
  • Power: Single-phase AC 220V 50Hz 1.5Kw
  • Machine Dimensions: 800× 800×1960mm
  • Machine Weight: 200 Kg
  • Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.

Working Video:


  • 1. Foot pedal operated feeding switch.
  • 2. Monitorable Hopper [2]:
    A transparent window equipped on the hopper for powder levels monitor.
  • 3. Easy Clean Hopper [3]:
    A custom split hopper that is easy to open and easy to clean.
  • 4. Servo motor or Stepper motor [4]:
    Servo motor is fast 30% than stepper motor.
  • 5. Free Flowing Device (No leakage device) [5]:
    A tray used for free flowing powders.
  • 6. Screw Coveyor Feeder [6]:
    Best for adding automatic feeding machine if filling range is more than 200 g, to ensure best filling accuracy.


Packed in a special wooden box for export.

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