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Split Hopper Makes the Hopper of Auger Filler Easy to Open and Clean

Split Hopper Makes the Hopper of Auger Filler to Easier Open and Clean

In order to comply with food industry standards, auger fillers [1] are usually made of food grade 304 stainless steel. So is the hopper of auger filler.
Photo of Hopper
However, not all customers need an all-stainless steel hopper.
Such as, some customers prefer to easy to clean of the hopper of auger fillers if they have many different powders to conversion.
In addition, some customers prefer quickly to change different auger screw and auger tube if they have many filling weight.
Therefore, in order to meet the needs of more customers such as above two customers. We designed a hopper of auger filler called a Split Hopper.

What is Split Hopper?

As shown, the split hopper splits the ordinary all stainless steel hopper into two halves.
Photo of Split Hopper

What is the advantages of Split-Hopper?

The advantage of this design is that it is easier for the customer to open the hopper and clean the hopper after used.
Of course, if the customer has different filling weights and needs to change the augers and auger tubes, this design is more convenient for the customer’s experience.
In addition, the customer can see the amount of powder in the hopper through the Monitoring Window above the hopper to facilitate the customer to add powders.

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