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The dry solid powder multi-functional bottle filling capping machine equipped with several components such as auger filling, and capping products. The bottle filling capping machine used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics for packaging various types of products efficiently.

  • 1, Bottle Feeding Machine: The component on the far left side is a bottle loading machine. It’s responsible for loading empty bottles or containers onto the conveyor belt, initiating the packaging process.
  • 2, Linear Type Automatic Auger Filler: The auger filler precisely filling the dry solid powder into the Rigid Container, such glass bottle, plastic jar. The linear design of an auger filler indeed offers greater flexibility and adaptability to various types of bottles without the need for additional molds. Due to its linear structure, it can accommodate bottles of different shapes and sizes, which eliminates the requirement for extra molds.
  • 3, Vacuum Conveyor Feeder for Bulk Dry Powders: Above auger filler is the vacuum conveyor feeder, which supplies the storage hopper of auger filler with the necessary product for filling.
  • 4, Four-Wheel Clamping Twisting Capping Machine: The last component on the right side with the lid-closing mechanism is a capping machine, specifically a rotary capping machine with a lid-closing feature. This machine is responsible for securely closing the lids or caps of the filled containers, ensuring that they are properly sealed before labeling and further processing.



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Dry Solid Powder Bottle Filling Capping Machine | VTOPS-PSH-L

SKU VTOPS-PSH-L&C Category Tag

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Dry Solid Powder Bottle Filling Capping MachineDry Solid Powder Bottle Filling Capping Machine | VTOPS-PSH-L
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