How to Maintain the FRD-1000 Solid-ink Coding Band Sealer

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How to Maintain the FRD-1000 Solid-ink Coding Band Sealer

What is FRD-1000 Solid-ink Coding Band Sealer

VTOPS-FRD-1000 solid-ink coding band sealer is an automatic plastic film sealing machine. The sealer integrates printing, sealing, continuous transmission in one machine. The clean and bright pattern on the sealing part, instant printing and instant dry, and convenient to change the characters.

Continuous Band Sealer Sealing Machine
Continuous Band Sealer Sealing Machine

How to Maintain

  • 1). Keep the machine body clean and keep the electrical parts dry and ventilated.
  • 2). Before repairing the machine, the main power supply and air supply must be turned off.
    When repairing, it should be repaired by professionals or notified to our company for assistance.
  • 3). The warranty period of this machine is one year.
    That is mean, if the machine fails due to quality problems within one year, the company will repair it free of charge. If it is caused by improper operation or other natural disasters and force majeure, the company will charge part of the maintenance fee. Charge it as its price.
  • 4). Beyond the warranty period, the company will continue to carry out maintenance work, but it will be necessary to charge the cost of production.
  • 5). When the user repairs by himself, the company provides the service of external accessories.
  • 6). The power should OFF if shut down for a long time.
  • 7). Check whether the screws of the moving parts are loose before going to work every day.

Special instructions: When debugging the machine, no part of the body should be in a position where the machine can be moved, so as not to be burned or hit!

How to change date on printing wheel?

  • →A: Use a corss screwdriver to unscrew the screw head.
  • →B: Unscrew the top screw, the screw does not need to take off, you can unscrew.
  • →C: Lift the wheel by hand, slowly remove the wheel.
  • →D: Remove the embossing wheel.
  • →E: Wheel and wrench.
  • →F: With the wheel wrench unscrew the lid.
  • →G:Unscrew the lid, took out the words,Change the words you need.

How to convert Continuous Band Sealer Sealing Machine of FRD-1000-2 into Vertical Style?

*Notes: The sealing height of Vertical Style FRD-1000-2 is below 25 cm. If the sealing height is between 20 cm and 60 cm, please visit: Vertical Continuous Band Sealer Machine.

Maintenance Records and Feedback

Thank you for purchasing the VTOPS-FRD-1000 automatic sealing machine produced by Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd. Due to your correct choice, you will have a safe, practical and efficient sealing and packaging machine. VTOPS hope you will become a long-term customer.

Please inform us of any problems that occur during the use of the product and your valuable advices. VTOPS will take them seriously and answer them in a timely manner. Thank you very much!

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