Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine

Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine | VTOPS-SM-EC1

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Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine | VTOPS-SM-EC1

Empty cans sterilizing machine is a sterilization channel for for empty metal tin cans. Usually used in milk powder filling canning seaming line [1].
The length is usually 3 meters long, and with twin UV chamber.


Chain Plate Width 152 mm
Conveying Speed 0-10 m/min
Voltage AC Three-phase 380V
Motor Power 0.55 kw
UV Light Power 0.96 kw
Scoop Feeding Speed 30-50 times/min
Machine Dimensions 3200*400*1150mm
Machine Weight 160 kgs
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.

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