Thing to Consider of Buying a Double Side Sticker Labeler Machine

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Thing to Consider of Buying a Double Side Sticker Labeler Machine

Double side sticker labeler machine is a name that is different from single-sided sticker labeler machine. The double-side labeling machine is used for full or partial labeling on different sizes of flat or rectangular containers. It is capable of labeling up to 120 containers per minute, depending on products and label size.
From the above statement, a double-side sticker labeler machine is a label sticker machine on two sides of a bottle or other items. However, an important thing to note is that this equipment can simultaneously apply two different labels to an item. Consequently, the double-side sticker labelers can further be divided into front and back labelers or top and bottom labelers.
The various types of labelers we will discuss can also double up as double-side sticker Labeler machines depending on the design or customization.

Automatic Double Sides Sticker Labeling Machine
Automatic Double Sides Sticker Labeling Machine

Benefits of Double Side Sticker Labeler Machine

  • Versatile:
    The double-side sticker labeler machine can label labelers on the different bottle or container shapes such as rectangular, round, oval, square, etc.
  • Precise Labeling:
    With the auto-synchronization of the labeling and conveyor speed, the double-side sticker labeler delivers precise labeling.
  • High Output:
    The double-side sticker labeler allows you to label an average of 120 items per minute on both sides.
    Ease of Operation: It is easy to adjust our double side sticker labeler machines. What’s more, these machines need minimal part replacements.
  • Customization:
    The double-sided sticker labelers are highly customizable. For example, we can design the labelers to apply body wrap and single labeling.

Working Principle of Double Side Labeling Machine

The filled and capped or empty items received from the turntable are conveyed from the conveyor belt. At the same time, a separator device is fixed on the same conveyor belt, so the items are mechanically spaced on the conveyor to allow for efficient labeling.
The Labeling station has a mechanical roller that simultaneously sticks the labels on the items as they are deposited from the conveyor.
If you are working with a customized double-side labeler with a printing device, the machine can simultaneously print other details alongside the sticker labels.
Modern double-side labelers have a camera to ensure accurate labeling, and it is a real-time image analysis system. If the pre-determined Labeling accuracy is not adhered to with some offset, the real-time image analysis system and PLC will reject the not qualified items. After the item is fully labeled, it is deposited into an out-feed tray.

Where to Use a Double-Sided Labeling Machine

In daily life, it is very common for items with labels on both sides. The primary application of the double-side labelers is in Labeling bottles, containers, jars, and containers of various shapes and sizes. Some common industries that use double-side sticker labeler machines include the following:

  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Gifts Shops
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Food and beverage industry

Precautions When Buying a Double Side Sticker Labeler Machine

Considering numerous factors when buying this equipment is imperative since it is a significant investment. The main elements to focus on including the following:

  1. Power Rating:
    Establish the power consumption level of your preferred machine to ensure it befits your requirements.
  2. Technology:
    Most modern variants are integrated with the latest automated technology. Of course, this is essential since it enhances the efficiency and performance of the machine.
  3. Machine Space:
    You can find this equipment in different dimensions, thus ideal to ensure your choice fits your available working space accordingly.
  4. Material:
    The specific material used for constructing this equipment is a fundamental concern you should never overlook. It determines the stability and durability of the device.
  5. Usability:
    It is advisable always to use a double side sticker labeler that can easily operate.
  6. Ability to Upgrade:
    Due to imminent production expansion, always chooses a variant to handle future upgrades.
  7. Maintenance:
    Ensure you choose a variant you can easily maintain and conduct changeover faster to prevent unnecessary downtime.
  8. Parts availability:
    You should always consider a machine with readily available repair and replacement parts. It averts unnecessary downtime during the production process.

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of packaging filler machines from China. We export different packaging machines and labeling machines. Please choose the item that interests you and send an inquiry. As a CE-certified and TÜV Rheinland Verified manufacturer, VTOPS can supply any labeling machines with guaranteed quality and competitive price.

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