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Vtops Successfully Delivered a Milk Powder Filling Canning Line in Vietnam Aug. 31, 2019. Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully delivered a fully automatic milk powder filling canning line in Vietnam. It is marking that Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. has taken a solid first step in the Vietnam packaging market. In order to extend […]

An Agent from Somalia Inspect Vtops Machinery for One Set Semi-Automatic Auger Filler On August 10, 2019, Mr. Haji, an agent of Mr. Ahmed from Somalia came to inspect filling packing machines in the factory of Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as VTOPS). On August 6, Mr. Ahmed placed an order with […]

Vtops Fill-By-Vibration Auger Filler Delivered to Sweden Recently, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered a fully automatic Fill-By-Vibration Auger Filler [1] to a condiment manufacturer (“the Client”) from Sweden. The Client is an established spices powder company in Sweden and mainly deals in kitchen condiments with chili powder and pepper powder as major products. Mr. […]

A Manual Powder Filling Machine Exported to Budapest of Hungary (Images) Manual powder filling machine also named semi-automatic auger filler. It suited for the filling any powders, such as tiny powder, ultra-fine powder and micro small granules. This post describes the VTOPS export of a semi-automatic auger filler to Hungary. Before Packaging: A photo of […]

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