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Air-cooled Induction Sealing Machine | VTOPS-SR-3000A

The model of VTOPS-SR-3000A induction sealing machine is an air-cooled induction sealing machine. The induction sealer machine maximum power is 3 kilowatts. It major application in the plastic bottle and glass bottle sealing for pesticide, tablet & capsule, foods, cosmetic, lubricant &oil packaging etc.


  • 1. Full modular component design. Against moisture, erosion, dust and magnetism, minimizes maintenance requirements and increase the rease.
  • 2. The induction generator adopt the latest import transistor and CPU module.
  • 3. All functions are marked on the panel clearly with both Chinese and English.
  • 4. 6 pieces of 180℃copper coil and 5 pieces 220V fan( coil quantities depends on bottle diameter). Sealing quickly and perfectly.
  • 5. Air-cooling systems, efficient high-speed. Continuous work 24 hours without rest.
  • 6. Stainless steel body, meet the GMP standard.
  • 7. 4 wheels under the frame to easy to move. Host, stand, sensor are can be split to reduce transportation costs.
  • 8. Height of induction head is adjustable.
  • 9. The induction sensor and generator of same machine model is changeable.
  • 10. CE approved.
  • 11. Design by EMI technology (anti-magnetic interference technology).
  • 12. Air cooling by 5 fans and heat dissipation to enhance sealing stability.
  • 13.The main board adopts the transistor modulation design. Lower failure rate, and easy to maintenance.
  • 14. Protection by automatic stop if over-heat, over-pressure, overcurrent, water shortage, water blockage, water temperature over high.

NOTE: the conveyor and rejector are optinal part.

Technical Parameters:

Model: SR-3000A
Body Material: SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Heat-Dissipating Method: Air Cooling
Working Mode: Continuous Sealing and Matching
Level of Protection: Nema4 (IP54)
Voltage: AC Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz
Output Power: 3000W Max
Bottle Neck Diameter: Φ20 – Φ80mm (customizable)
Sealing Height: Maximum 860mm (1260mm from Ground)
Sealing Speed: Maximum 18 meters per minute
Sensor Size: Folding 685*195*95 mm; Regular: 610*130*135mm; 420*465*200 Mm
Machine Size: 51x75x83 cm (Include High Wheel)
Machine Weight: 45 Kg

Configuration List:

The Configuration List of air-cooled induction sealing machine of model VTOPS-SR-3000A are the following.
If you encounter product updates, the configuration table is subject to change without notice.

No. Part Model Pices Specification Brand
1 Rocker Switch T85(IE4) 1 16A/250V Hongju (Dongguan)
2 Solid State Relay SSR-D4840A 1 DC12V/40A 480V Huazheng (China)
3 Brigde Rectifier KBPC5010 1 50A/1000V Sep (Taiwan)
4 Filtering Capacitance UCGHA 1 1000uF/450VDC Yadakang (China)
5 Voltage Transformer SJW-0452/EI-57 1 8V -0.8A/16V-0.8A Shengjiewei (China)
6 Air Cold Fan AC AXIAL FAN 3 0.12A/20W Everwin (China)
7 Number Monitor HB5153B 1 0~75mV/0~19.99A Hbkj (China)
8 Power Tube / 4 50A/500V Toshiba (Japan)
9 IC Integrated Circuit / 1 \ Motorola (America)
10 IC Integrated Circuit / 4 At Company,St Company,Fairchild Semiconductor(America)
11 Electrolytic Capacitor Rubycon 7 1uF/16V Rubycon (Tanwang)
12 Capacitor MKP-X2 1 10uF/275V Ce-Elec (China)
13 Polypropylene GRAY 335 1 335J/800V China



1 review for Air-cooled Induction Sealing Machine | VTOPS-SR-3000A

  1. Toby Abernathy

    The foil sealer is great. I’ve had customers say my jars are sealed tightly.

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Air-cooled Induction Sealing Machine | VTOPS-SR-3000A

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Air-cooled Induction Sealing Machine | VTOPS-SR-3000AAir-cooled Induction Sealing Machine | VTOPS-SR-3000A
Original price was: $3,990.Current price is: $3,390.
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